Artists are known for their love of diversity. Our union – may it be difficult and not always right – stands for the biggest cultural variety in the world. In no other place you will find a denser population of arts, food, dialects, business ways, nature and politics. Artistic expression has always been at home in Europe and this is why we want to show you how different we are in our Cherrydeck community. Here are 28 different artists from all EU member states.

Austria – Gregor Kallina

Belgium – Akbar Rwakineza

Bulgaria – Diliana Florentin

Croatia – Denis Butorac

Republic of Cyprus – Angelos Michael

Czech Republic – Lena Luga

Denmark – Søren Staun Petersen

Estonia – Anton Hmelnitski

Finland – Saara Taussi

France – Tijana Feterman

Germany – Alina Rudya

Greece – Maria Neihoriti

Hungary – Domonkos Varga

Ireland – Andy Ten

Italy – Cristiano Desideri

Latvia – Amalija Andersone

Lithuania – Laima Bernot?

Luxembourg – Michel Strotz

Malta – Charles Balzan

Netherlands – Timothy Hoenson

Poland – Krzysztof Bednarski

Portugal – Teresa Freitas

Romania – Mihai-Gabriel Balangea

Solvakia – Ve Shandor

Slovenia – Vida Katarina Vidovic

Spain – David Bokeh

Sweden – Gabriel Isak

United Kingdom – Ed Tritton

Find more artists from the EU and all around the world on Cherrydeck.

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