The best of Christmas food photography is now available at Cherrydeck. A total of 19 works from 19 talented Food Photographers are now highlighted on the Editors’ Choice of December 2019. Enjoy!

On a regular basis, the Cherrydeck Editorial Team selects a group of excellent professionals on Cherrydeck and highlights outstanding photographs from our members. This month of happy festivities is no exception!

As Christmas is the time to gather around the table and over-indulge, in this edition we asked the photographers from our community to showcase their best work within the theme Christmas Food”. We were interested in seeing photographs that best describe the festive spirit and the happiness there is in food this time of the year.

Below you can find the top picks from 19 spectacular photographers we are proud to have with us at Cherrydeck.

December 2019 Editors’ Choice (not ranked in any particular order):

Sara Larsson

Sara is a Swedish photographer who has been calling Barcelona her home for the last 19 years. Although having initially studied to become a chef, she started working in the fashion industry soon after moving to Barcelona. Having a strong passion for photography through all her life, she then began studying photography and today works as a full-time photographer in the food, product, travel and interior fields.

Sabine Scheer

Sabine Scheer — often called as the Fairy of Light or Dr. Flash — is a German photographer who runs her own photo studio in Düsseldorf since 2003. Being a graduate photo-designer and BFF-professional-member, she specialises in still-life, food and animal photography.

Juan Moyano

Juan is a food, still life, and conceptual photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. He loves to travel and carries his camera with him at all times. With a minimalistic style of photography, he enjoys playing with surrealism and loud colours in his imagery.

Juan Moyano - Christmas Food

Miriam Martín Price

As art director and photographer based in Madrid, Miriam works on several advertising and photography projects simultaneously. Creativity and aesthetics play a key role in her photography, and she enjoys combining bold colors with minimalism and simplicity.

Miriam Martín Price - Christmas Food

JUNI – Schmidt Hagele

JUNI is a diminutive for Julia and Nikolas. The duo met in 2010 on a photographers exchange in Finland and started working on joint projects since then. They founded JUNI in June 2017 and have been working as a team ever since. Today, JUNI has their studios located Berlin and Augsburg.

Uta Gleiser

Based in Hamburg, Uta started working as a professional photographer in 2007. While studying photography in America, she developed a passion for storytelling and now focuses on travel, food and interiors in most of her photographic work.


Adrian Mueller

Adrian is a photographer and table top director based in New York. He grew up in Switzerland, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and a culture of simplicity in design. All those elements helped him to develop his visual sensibility and are expressed in his work today.

Mikkel Adsbol

From his photography studio in Nørrebro, Mikkel works in photography and videography for advertising agencies, commercial customers, and editorial media. Having a burning passion for food and interiors, he appeals to the viewers’ senses and emotions through thoughtful details, meaningful composition, and unique overall impressions.

Mikkel Adsbol - Christmas Food

Truls Bärg

Truls is a photographer and art director based in Sweden passionate about people, travel, and food. He started his production house, Bärg Productions, in 2003 and it currently offers multiple services in cities like Copenhagen and Malmö.

Christian Bendel

Christian is a German photographer based in Hamburg. An optimist, believer and maker, he loves traveling and being outdoors. Always curious for new adventures, he has a creative way of showcasing lifestyle.

Leonid Sneg

Based in Tyumen, Russia, Leonid loves food photography be it for personal enjoyment, advertising, commissions, or social networks. A student of Fine Arts, Sneg brings a sentiment of joy through each photograph.

Heami Lee

Born in Seoul, Heami is currently based in Brooklyn. The still life and commercial photographer, has already won a variety of awards and exhibited her work in numerous galleries.

Charlie Goodge

Based in London, Charlie specialises in still life and interior. With a degree in commercial photography and experience in the industry, she has a keen understanding of light and what it takes to produce beautiful and compelling photos.

Charlie Goodge - Christmas Food

Luisa Hanika

The Berlin-based photographer Luisa completed her education at Lette-Verein and is currently focused on still life photography. With a passion for colours, materials, and everything handmade, she works on the multi-disciplinary fields of styling, set design, art direction and paper-craft.

Luisa Hanika - Christmas Food

Antje Braga

Antje loves good food in all its facets. It was food that made her travel and meet interesting people that she cherishes today. Always carrying a camera with her, it allows her to express herself and capture good conversations, a delicious meal, or an exciting place. This photograph represents a traditional Portuguese Christmas dinner celebration with her family.

Antje Braga - Christmas Food

Fred Lahache

Fred is a self-taught photographer based in Paris, whose work cuts across multiple genres of photography. With a focus on landscape and portrait, his narratives tell a story in a reportage and contemporary manner. Fred has had several shows in galleries and was featured in various magazines.

Fred Lahache - Christmas Food

Heidi Coppock Beard

Heidi has been shooting professionally for over 20 years, while working for many blue-chip clients in the UK and worldwide. Based in an Old Mill In Harrogate near Leeds, she travels extensively around the UK.

Steve Marais

Born in South Africa, the photographer Steve Marais is known for his limber approach to image-making. By choosing subjects and locations that communicate a sense of balance, he has created a visual signature that meets directly at the intersection of commercial and editorial photography. Today, Marais lives between Germany and Switzerland and travels worldwide for work.

Steve Marais - Christmas Food

Gabriella Lincoln

Gabriella, better known as Gabi, is a professional international photographer. Specialised in portrait photography and a food passionate, she is currently based in France and a recent graduate from the School of Visual Arts.

Gabriella Lincoln - Christmas Food

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