If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already realised that finding a good professional business photographer near you isn’t as easy as it sounds.

There are a few reasons for this.

For a start, professional photographers don’t all advertise on one centralised resource and are instead spread out across a variety of online and offline channels.

Then there’s the fact that many business photographers will only take on work that fits into their specific area of specialisation or ‘niche’.

And while you will find generalists who handle a variety of business photography projects, matching a specialist to your specific project requirements is the best way to generate great results.

This means the first step in finding the right professional business photographer near you is to understand your own requirements — do you want photos of your staff, your business premises or your products and services?

It’s important to answer this question because the range of business photography niches is large and includes:

  • conceptual and advertising images, such as products and services
  • travel images, relevant to businesses in the travel or hospitality sector
  • people and lifestyle images, including business headshot photographers
  • event photography for corporate or business events
  • architecture and interior photography used to advertise business premises for rent or sale, or to showcase the design, interiors or architecture of business locations
  • food and beverage images for food blogs, restaurants and food and beverage product manufacturers
  • Google My Business photographers and other photographers who specialize in taking images for specific digital channels like social media.

Once you know what type of photographer you are looking for the next hurdle is to know where to find that photographer [spoiler: the short answer is Cherrydeck].

Google a business photographer

One of the first places you can look for photographers for business photos is on Google itself.

Simply enter the type of photographer you are looking for, i.e. ‘photographer for business headshots’, and their location in the Google search bar.

This will then pull up a search results page that includes a Google Local list of photographers and photography studios in your area.

While Google can help you find several professional business photographers near you, it is not going to provide an accurate representation of every photographer in your area.

This is because many freelance professional photographers won’t have set up Google My Business profiles for themselves, or won’t otherwise have registered on Google’s radar.

Furthermore, whether or not Google is able to find a photographer fitting your specific niche will depend heavily on the amount of detail they recorded on their Google My Business profiles.

Find a business photographer on Instagram

Instagram, home of digital photography, is another place you can take your search for a professional business photographer.

However, this can be quite difficult just because there are so many photographers, professional and otherwise, active on the platform.

That said, Instagram’s account and location search options are the best available tools for the task at hand.

To run an Account search on Instagram:

  • access the Instagram app
  • tap the search icon at the bottom of the app
  • enter your photographer and location keywords – for example ‘Social media photographer in London’
  • select the ‘Accounts’ option from underneath the search bar to view a list of accounts using these keywords.

You can then browse a list of Instagram accounts matching your keywords.

Instagram also features location pages for photographers which can be accessed via a ‘Places’ search.

To run a Places search:

  • tap the search icon at the bottom of the app
  • enter your photographer and location keywords
  • select ‘Places’ from beneath the search bar to view a list of locations connected with your location keyword.

This will bring up a list of relevant search results with location pins. You can tap on any result to access a basic profile page with a map pin and sample images.

If the photographer has set up an Instagram information page there will also be a button which you can tap to view. The information page provides more sample images, some info on the photographer and a link to their Instagram profile, where relevant.

Or make your life easy and use Cherrydeck

Once you’ve tried finding business photographers on Instagram, you’ll quickly realise that using its search function doesn’t deliver the best results.

Depending on your keywords you may find yourself overwhelmed with options, or you’ll find few or no results listed for your searches.

And that happens because Instagram simply wasn’t built to make finding and hiring specific types of photographers as easy as it should be.

That’s what Cherrydeck is for.

Cherrydeck has a massive database of Instagram photographers across all professional photography disciplines and niches. And it’s super easy to find a professional business photographer in your location using Cherrydeck.

It’s very simple.

Step 1: Visit the Cherrydeck homepage.

Step 2: Choose the ‘Search’ button on the top left of the page.

Step 3: Ensure that the ‘Photographer’ option is selected and enter the location you are searching for.

Step 4: Select the location from the options presented in the location search bar.

Step 5: Select the type of photographer you are looking for, including:

  • photographer category
  • number of Instagram followers
  • expertise levels
  • studio availability
  • post production service availability
  • videography.

Step 6: Hit the ‘Show results’ button!

You’ll be presented with a list of photographer profiles matching your search, along with sample images for each profile.

To learn more about any photographer, view additional sample images, or send them a direct message via Cherrydeck, simply hit the ‘Profile’ button.

Once on a profile, you can also save it for future viewing. The profile will be stored under the ‘Saved profiles’ in the menu and you can continue browsing other profiles.

There’s no other tool that allows you to find professional business photographers in your location as quickly and easily. Search for a business photographer now.

Cover picture by Alessandra Merlo.

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