Cherrydeck and Inferno Ragazzi collaborated to find photographers in Europe for the brand’s good vibes collection. Today, we get to know their story a little better.

Get to know Joe Schurer, the co-founder of Inferno Ragazzi, a company that excels through distinctive products in the areas of fashion, art, sports, photography, design, and music.

Inferno is well known for the exclusivity of their clothing line, with designs that surprise through out-of-norm prints, colors, and materials. But what propelled the brand to another dimension was their ability to create unique events and a lifestyle craved by their community — and always pair it with top level content.

As Joe tells us, one of the brand’s first pieces of content was an after-video of a huge party they’d thrown in 2011. At a point where everyone was already spending a lot of time on their phones but there were not a lot of content creators out there, this type of content was highly craved and exactly what people were looking for.

While the party was already effective in activating the community and reflecting the brand’s culture of rebelliousness and being against the norm, the video’s success propelled their name to a different sphere and brought in new and excited consumers that wanted to belong to the crowd.

The local Hamburg brand is nowadays often contacted by big names across various industries, such as Puma or Absolut Vodka, for collaborations, partnerships, licensing, and consulting. Inferno Ragazzi sells their creativity and regularly voices new products and ideas to their active community who is excited about every move the brand makes.

Inferno Ragazzi and Cherrydeck collaborated to find photographers in Spain, Portugal, and Greece for their good vibes clothing collection.

Being a summer-inspired brand in a rather cold country such as Germany and aiming to reach out to different markets, requires Inferno to plan some of their shootings abroad. With Cherrydeck, they found a way to easily source local talent in sunnier European destinations.

The brand sent their products to different local photographers and these were then responsible for managing all the campaign details — from finding the right models to choosing the best locations.

Sometimes you hit certain limitations in scheduling or the photographer has no money or time to go where you wanna go.

Cherrydeck is a global network of artists and content creators that can be really cost-effective also. If we fly a German photographer to Barcelona it’s going to be much more costly than if we can find someone that likes what we do and connects to what we do in Barcelona.

He already knows the locations, might know some models, might have all these contacts and you can jump in right there.

Joe Schurer

To know more about Inferno Ragazzi, visit their website or their Instagram profile. For more information about the Cherrydeck brand offers, have a look at this page or at some of our published success stories. ?

Video credits: Moritz Bauer.

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