Some time ago, we’ve launched the Cherrydeck Creators Award as one of our ways to give back to the community and reward amazing talent in difficult times. Today, we finally reveal some of the best entries and now it’s in your hands to vote for the Top 4 winners!

The Cherrydeck Creators Award was one of our first initiatives to support our talented community and reward artists during these times. We know that many cool ideas and creativity are now restrained and great works are not seeing their light due to the current circumstances. So, we thought about making our small contribution to change this and asked photographers to submit works within the theme Togetherness.

After going through all the applications, a shortlist of fifteen projects caught our attention. Now (as promised), we would like to invite every one of you to help us decide who should get the final awards by VOTING for your favourite image.

You can find a description of each picture below, along with the author’s name and link to their Cherrydeck profile.

The four winning creators will be announced on May 7 and will be awarded with a final cash prize of €1 000, €300, €200, and €100 respectively. Happy voting and good luck to all the participants!

Fifteen shortlisted projects (not ranked in any particular order):

Evgeniia Petrova

For a long time, the world has been concerned and tormented by the topic of same-sex relationships. There are supporters and opponents. Often people of non-traditional orientation meet with aggression, are criticised. This is particularly obvious in my country. The guys in the photos are my friends. Every time I met them, I felt how hard it was for them to hide their emotions in public. But no matter what, they stayed together, built a life, planned, traveled, held hands.

Togetherness Photography Competition
Evgeniia Petrova — Togetherness

Yaiza Hernández

This picture was taken 7 in the morning while the sunrise. It represents to me an intimate moment between the dog and his owner, in peace enjoying their time.

Yaiza Hernández — Togetherness

Gabriella Achadinha

ON SUNDAYS WE PRAY: Drive past the N1 / Paarden Eiland highway intersection in Cape Town on an early Sunday morning and you will probably witness the same magical scene — that of a congregation all dressed in white, praying and praising in a circle. Their praises echoing over the empty fields, an area almost swamp-like, a preserved touch of nature just before the chaos of the city and industria. One does not need to be religious to be moved by the scene, a palpable sense of togetherness and unity.

Gabriella Achadinha — Togetherness

Gustavo Arzich da Gama

I went searching for some of my old Facebook covers and other archives for these photos. When I shot them, it always gave me a sense of community, companionship, feeling and peace. We were happy and we didn’t know it!

Gustavo Arzich da Gama — Togetherness

Joel Rodriguez

This picture represents sisterhood. Love. Closeness. Humanity. Vulnerability. There’s something about nakedness that makes us so vulnerable, yet creates a sense of togetherness, nothing can be compared to that.

Joel Rodriguez — Togetherness

Julien Balmer

Shot on a lovely spring day a couple of years ago in Berlin, this photograph brings back memories of a time when I was first falling in love with this city. I was still based in South East Asia but during those months could feel the current of life moving me back to Europe, closer to my family and old friends, ushering in a new era of reconnecting with my roots.

Julien Balmer — Togetherness

Clarisse Croset

A representation of human nature that celebrates the connection between us, be it family, a lover, friend or stranger.

Clarisse Croset — Togetherness

Catarina Inácio

These hands are not just holding love. These hands are holding more than 50 years of marriage, adventures, children, friendship and more. I know this couple for a very long time and I had the pleasure to portrait their love in this simple photograph. As raw as it can be, the representation of Togetherness.

Catarina Inácio — Togetherness

George Kroustallis

An honorable human relationship — that is, one in which two people have the right to use the word “love” — is a process, delicate, violent, often terrifying to both persons involved, a process of refining the truths they can tell each other.

It is important to do this because it breaks down human self-delusion and isolation. It is important to do this because in doing so we do justice to our own complexity. It is important to do this because we can count on so few people to go that hard way with us.

text by Adrienne Rich chosen by the photographer

George Kroustallis — Togetherness

Laura Bonnefous

This image represents TOGETHERNESS through poetry created between bodies and feelings linked by colors and physical contact. In these separate times, one thing persists, art and emotion between people.

Laura Bonnefous — Togetherness

Maria Giulia Costanzo

The union of people generates an unpredictable energy.

Maria Giulia Costanzo — Togetherness

Sílvia Rocchino

This image is part of a series that I completed just before this period of isolation. Just before I found myself alone (like many other people at the moment) experiencing the primary need to connect with the others, I decided to realize a project that showed the importance of physical contact. By developing and using wearables made of light and eco-sustainable material I created a visual connection, a human tissue.

Sílvia Rocchino — Togetherness

Ljubica Denkovic

This picture represents trusting each other, being fragile together, taking care, love, the emotional importance of our sense of touch.

Ljubica Denkovic — Togetherness

Lim Tse Wei Alex

A different perspective of togetherness.

Lim Tse Wei Alex — Togetherness

Victoria Rayu

This couple found each other about a few years ago after so many storms and turmoils in both of their lives. Their special bond for me is a symbol of genuine and unselfish love.

Victoria Rayu — Togetherness

Help us decide! Who should win the Cherrydeck Creators Award?

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