When photographing abroad, it is often difficult to find the perfect location if you are not working with local creatives or agencies. With this new series, we would like to explore and discover the most outstanding spots around the world with the people who know them best.

Today, we asked six Cherrydeck members based in South Africa to share with us their favourite spots to photograph within the country. According to the insights we gathered, South Africa is definitely the place-to-be when it comes to photography thanks to its wide variety of landscapes and the skill-range of South-African creative professionals.


The farm Inyoni stays only 40 minutes away from Cape Town and shines through its versatility. There are multiple sets build-up from the safari lodge, beach house, gas station and even a small city-style set. The versatility of the location is just amazing. Having so many options in just one place really helps to create a lot of content in a short time.

One of my favourite spots to shoot in South Africa recently is a farm about 40 minutes outside of Cape Town called Inyoni.

Justin Muniz

Justin Muniz is a photographer based in Cape Town specialized in fashion and portraiture. He was focusing on stills for many years, but with the advances in technology he is now able to combine video and stills into one shoot. Amongst his clients, you can find Gabrielle Swimwear or the cashmere brand Lucy Nagle.

Llandudno beach

The Llandudno beach is located half an hour by car from Cape Town and it is known for its very clear sand. The beach is surrounded by large granite boulders and overlooked by mountains, which makes it one of the most naturally diverse beaches from the Cape and a great spot to photograph.

My favourite location to shoot at is the Llandudno beach. It has a variety of spots you can shoot and the access is free. I have shot there so many times and the outcomes are always different

Nina Zimolong

Nina Zimolong is based in South Africa. After graduating from the University of Stellenbosch with a Bachelors in Business Management, she moved to Berlin to take on the corporate world but quickly realized that was the wrong career. Today, she is specialized in fashion, events, and weddings and her work has been featured on numerous blogs, websites, and online publications such as Vogue Russia, Vogue Germany, and Harpers Bazaar China.

Cape Town

Cape Town is a mere 12 hour flight from Europe and in the same time zone. Not only is Cape Town a microcosm of South Africa’s incredible natural beauty, there is Summer during the European Winter time, making it the ideal place to shoot next season’s ranges. An added advantage is a very favourable exchange rate.

According to Inge Prins, another great thing about Cape Town is that you can simply hop in a car and within a couple of hours reach the most incredible landscapes and interesting small villages. As one of the world’s premium all-in-one production destinations, Cape Town has developed an incredible professional service industry for photography production.

I love shooting here. We are lucky to have incredible daylight and plenty of sunshine. Clients are spoiled for choice in terms of locations with beaches, mountains, forests, old and new city streets, interesting nooks and crannies, and we’re famous for our world-class models, studios and crew. We literally have it all.

Inge Prins

Inge Prins specializes in homeware, décor, and interior architecture and has been shooting commercially for 20 years. She majored in photography when analog cameras ruled the Earth and digital retouching was in its infancy. Because of that solid grounding in technical photography, she always strives to get things right in-camera and she’s known for her meticulous attention to detail. She’s also known for her upbeat playlists, boundless energy and the remarkably high number of striped garments in her wardrobe. Inge works regularly for several global homeware brands and her editorial clients include Monocle, Wallpaper, WSJ, and Forbes.

Cape Town and Table Mountain

According to Jacques Weyer, Cape Town is also the elected spot to photograph in South Africa. The enigmatic city, in the Western Cape of South Africa, is blessed with great weather and a wide variety of photo location settings. The sun shines long and bright on the many beaches, forests, scenic roads and characterful buildings of the Mother City -with the iconic Table Mountain as backdrop, are the perfect setting for any shoot.

Cape Town is a popular destination all year round, with the peak summer season falling between October to March, for catalogue shoots, advertising campaigns, editorial and photo library shoots. Cape Town is therefore well provided in terms of equipment hire, model agencies and casting services, crew and production vehicle and accommodation options for overseas clients.

South Africa is a country rich with possibilities, vibrant cultures, and diverse backgrounds. You can literally drive for an hour and find so many diverse and different looking landscapes that replicate anywhere in the world. It is not just the stereotypical African Safari location destination.

Jacques Weyer

Jacques Weyer is born in South Africa and returned home after spending years abroad. He is specialized in retail fashion and editorial photography and moves between still and moving image work. Amongst his clients, you can find Adidas, Reebok, Levis, Pringle of Scotland, and many more. He is a big fan of music and ginger biscuits with tea.

City Bowl District

The City Bowl District is part of the city of Cape Town. It includes the Central Business District, the harbour, the Company’s Garden as well as residential suburbs. It is a natural amphitheatre bordered by Table Bay and mountains.

My favourite place to shoot in South Africa is definitely the City Bowl District, CBD for short. I love shooting in the CBD because it offers so much variety from modern to vintage.

Jayden Moosa is a 26-year-old photographer who started the craft at the age of 19. He began as a food photographer and one year later, diverged into model photography. He has shot for many agencies over the years and developed a soft, sultry style of shooting his subjects. He now dwells into the fashion side of photography.


Situated in the heart of Johannesburg, Newtown offers its visitors a mixture of creativity and traditional insights. With vibrant and unique characteristics, Newtown is a mixed-use suburb of various cultural dimensions – such as theatres and market halls.

My favourite place to take pictures would be Newtown, in Johannesburg, because of the colourful paintings by other artists under bridges and walls. Also, the place has beautiful monuments of past South African artists. It’s the perfect place to meet other creatives, along with Maboneng on the other side of Johannesburg.

Kagiso Madumo

Kagiso Madumo is a portrait, editorial and fashion photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Growing up in Soweto, a town south of Johannesburg, Kagiso began taking photos throughout his high school years and eventually turned his passion into his career.

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