Frustrated with working with the same types of girls, Emma Boonne created the project “Stronger Together”. Aimed at promoting self-love through embracing diversity and that every girl, no matter what her body shape is, should feel beautiful.

The industry has sculpted its own image of what is beautiful, however, Emma believes that everybody has their own story. Not understanding the shaming that occurs within some agencies and the attempt to fit society into boxes, the photo series is aimed to help women feel confident, beautiful, and promote self-love.

Emma admitted that she had always struggled with her appearance – often times thinking she was not beautiful or skinny enough. Tired of seeing talented and beautiful women criticizing and comparing themselves, Emma constructed the photo series with the intent to inspire women.

Throughout the series, the indication that our society needs to alter the types of girls we see in magazines, on social media, and throughout commercials is perfectly projected – only through this alteration will women begin to realistically identify themselves.

The photographs set the tone for celebrating the body you have, and embracing yourself, whilst placing great emphasis on changing the industry.

I want to show that there are absolutely no limits, whatever your age, your size, your story, your ability, your identification, your scars… You are okay. Every girl and every woman whatever how she looks like, should be represented in our industry.

Emma Boonne

Professional photographer, Emma Boonne is based in Paris, France. To see more of Emma’s work, visit her Cherrydeck profile or her website, here. To see more photography reflecting self-love, have a look at A Study of Femininity by Cole Ndelu. ?

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