You couldn’t have missed it. These last few weeks, this video made by Tasty literally broke the Internet with about 30 million views in five days. You can see some very realistic objects such as a shoe or a roll of toilet paper being cut and revealing… a cake inside!

It is now so easy for everyone to share their favourite photos and videos that content spreads much faster around the world and has become a big part of pop culture.

While much of this content is purely entertaining and has no commercial value, viral content can be great for your brand because it will attract an enormous number of traffic and views to your channels. Which means it can be a great way of acquiring new customers and get people to know your business.

If you are a brand manager, a marketing professional, a content writer or even a blogger, you probably already know this and are regularly creating content with the aim of achieving something viral, or what many call a buzz.

Tasty, from Buzzfeed, is already known for its refreshing content approach, but last month it really took it a level up with this viral video:

Tasty often shares food videos and recipes on its channels and is known to be the world’s largest food network. But this time, the content skyrocketed and in only five days, it counted already more than 30 million views.

The video has been shared about 161,800 times and received 8,000 comments. A hashtag has been created from the movement — #EverythingIsCake — and even celebrities like Steve Aoki, and big brands such as ASOS, have shared related content on their channels.


If Cake: The Movie went straight to DVD. @danbanbam #cake #serve #VibeZone #movie

? original sound – Daniel Spencer

Viral content: yes or no?

If you are thinking whether this type of content is something that would suit your brand, the answer is probably yes. This kind of content not only has a high reach, it also generates a lot of reactions from people (likes, comments, memes), creating positive emotions towards your brand.

In the case of Tasty, they are still trending on social media due to their viral video and even benefiting from the follower base and reach of other brands and artists.

How can you create viral content?

People will share images, videos or quotes that resonate with them and give them a certain level of satisfaction — so that’s where you should place your efforts. Focus on positive aspects, evoke feelings of surprise, compassion, etc. and provide some sort of value.

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