Client: WONDA Swim

Project: Capture the new bikini collection

Worked with: Leo Rohrsetzer

The assignment

WONDA Swim was looking to capture their new bikini collection. The aim was to reflect body positivity, friendship, and trust.

Not only was the sustainable swimwear brand looking for someone who could capture images of their new collection, the job required someone who could take over the planning process of the shoot.

The process

WONDA Swim created a job opportunity on Cherrydeck to which attentive photographers could apply to. Only taking a few clicks, the creatives could easily apply with their Cherrydeck portfolio.

Leo Rohrsetzer was the photographer chosen to capture the sustainable swimwear brand.

sustainable swimwear

The production

Describing the Cherrydeck application process as being easy – with it only have taken a few clicks requiring the selection of his Cherrydeck Portfolio and contact details – he quickly met up with the founders of WONDA Swim. Leo was involved in scouting a location alongside the founders, and the job required the reflection of body positivity, friendship, trust, and happiness through the photos captured.

After finding out that he had gotten the job with WONDA Swim, Leo quickly met up with the founders. In addition to talking over any details and exchanging visions, Leo was involved in scouting a location alongside the founders.

To completely reflect that the bikinis are produced for each body type, the job required the reflection of body positivity, friendship, trust, and happiness through the photos captured.

sustainable swimwear
sustainable swimwear


The project was completed in just half a day. Leo describes the atmosphere onset of the project as easy-going through the good energy and motivation which everyone reflected.

The 90s style in which the photos were taken and the incorporation of four diverse models perfectly reflects the brand’s image.

Everyone is super happy with the results, the communication was uncomplicated and we’re looking forward to scheduling the next project.

Leo Rohrsetzer
sustainable swimwear

Leo Rohrsetzer grew up in the south of Munich and studied photography in Stuttgart. Currently living in Hamburg, he has been working as a freelancer for two years and has worked for clients such as Mercedes, Smart, BMW, Lindberg, 7forallmankind, just to name a few. Leo loves working with creative minds and lets his ideas find their way through his work, typically photographing People and Lifestyle, and Fashion and Beauty.

To see more of Leo’s work visit his Cherrydeck profile or his Instagram account. To read more success stories, have a look at Karl’s Story or at the Equality Fragrances launch movie.

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