It can be difficult to find cool new places to photograph, regardless if you are looking in your home country or just visiting. With this series, we are hoping to explore and discover the most hidden places around the world from those who know them best – with the aim of inspiring more creatives.

In this edition, we asked our talented Cherrydeck members in Portugal to share their hidden places to photograph in Portugal. From colour-blocking, to nature, to fashion photography, Portugal is full of versatility and is a great place to visit no matter what your photography style is.


Aveiro is a 50 minute drive from Porto, Portugal located at the Ria de Aveiro. The city is known for its historic canals which can be navigated by moliceiros, painted gondola-style boats, or the pastel painted Art Nouveau houses.

It is an altogether magnificent place, very spacious, near the coast, and the citizens are very receptive. The city also has incredible architecture, which is the main focus of my photography.

Patrícia Pereira

Patrícia Pereira is based in her native city, Aveiro, Portugal. Soon after graduating with a degree in Finance, Patrícia developed a great interest in the arts, particularly in photography. Today, she is specialised in Architecture and Interior, and Fine Arts. The historic city is suitable for a visit year-round, and presents the most beauty in the mornings and evenings.

Salinas do Samouco

The next place to photograph in Portugal lies across the Tejo from Lisbon: a special, historic gem called Salinas do Samouco, in Alcochete. Through the high presence of salt, the water is extremely red – not only is it inspiring to look at but the historical viewpoints contribute with its amazing tones for an intense imagery. The vibrant, yet warm feel is best portrayed in the morning hours through the light and the reflections in the water.

(…) It gives vibrant colors with diversity because of the color of the water.

Frederico Santos

Frederico Santos is a photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal and is enthusiastic about Fashion and Beauty, and Editorial and Documentary. As the lighting has a great impact on the appearance and warmth of the water, he recommends to visit this place during Spring or Summer, either in the morning or evening.

Parque Natural Sintra-Cascais (PNSC)

A mere 30 minute drive from Lisbon, Parque Natural Sintra-Cascais (PNSC) presents a variety of landscape and seascape. More specifically, Serra de Sintra embodies a misty atmosphere through the mountains, and the tree and rock formations. Parque Natural Sintra-Cascais (PNSC) is not heavily populated by tourists, however it is vital to pay special attention to the way getting there, as some parts require you to walk in the cliff. The natural park, with its foggy vibe, was the setting for many myths and mysteries which inspired many writers and painters – it’s the perfect place to get motivated!

Beyond the impressive geological elements and the rock formations beautiful textures are revealed in the cliff, and this gives so many possibilities to compose and play with light.

Gonçalo Silva

Gonçalo Silva is a Conceptual and Advertising, and Editorial and Documentary photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal. He recommends to visit this place on Spring during evenings.

Cabo da Roca

Located within the natural park, mentioned above, lies a dreamy beach, Cabo da Roca. Reflecting the misty atmosphere through the rock formations and the unique trees, remarkable moments can be captured. The incorporation of different textures makes for truly impressive landscape photography. The image on the left is from Praia da Aroeira, near Cabo da Roca, and the image on the right was taken right at Cabo da Roca itself.

Photographer, Franklin Neto, is based in Lisbon, Portugal and concentrates his work on Fine Arts, and Architecture and Interior. He strongly urges visitors of the Parque Natural Sintra-Cascais, to visit the various beaches which lie along the coast, as the area is filled with inspiring landscapes.

Praia do Guincho

Also located within the Parque Natural Sintra-Cascais (PNSC) is a beach, often times referred to as the nicest beach in Portugal. Reflecting the vibe that you’ve teleported to a completely different place, the beautiful scenery makes for great landscape shots and the diverse nature allows for vibrant framings.

I think maybe just the diversity in landscape adds depth to the culture.

Stefany Bryan

Stefany Bryan is a Travel and Landscape, and People and Lifestyle photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal. She urges creatives to not only visit her named place to photograph but also take a hunt around Parque Natural Sintra-Cascais (PNSC) and find their own hidden-gems. Although the proximity between cities and nature is not drastic in this region of Portugal, some hidden-gems can only be found on foot. Stefany suggests that inspired creatives visit in the Summer or Spring, in the afternoon.

Magoito Beach

North of Sintra, located right at the Atlantic Ocean, in the northern part of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park is a breathtaking beach located right at the base of massive cliffs. The golden sand is complemented by the dark cliffs, providing a pleasurable warm lighting perfect for portraits and fashion photography. In addition to the empowering vibes presented on the beach, the views from the top of the cliff will leave you speechless.

Lisbon based, Rosa Angelica, is an Editorial and Documentary, and Fashion and Beauty photographer who has taken many of her captivating images at Magoito Beach. Rosa recommends inspired creatives to visit this place in Summer and Winter evenings. Being easier to reach than other locations mentioned, there is no all-too-crazy hiking involved.

Praia da Ursa

A 50 minute drive, west of Lisbon is a beach with a very special rock formation. The coast line is surrounded by massive rocks, making for a cozy beach direct at the Atlantic Ocean. The light at this beachfront is magical. Through the fog and the aesthetic balance of colors, the mixture of blues from the ocean and orange from the rocks add a sense of warmth. Although the place is easy to reach, a little bit of hiking is called upon – so enjoy the view from the top before bracing the hike to the bottom!

Praia da Ursa in particular has a different rock formation and a cosy beach making it the perfect summer spot!

Tiago Sales

Photographer Tiago Sales is based in Lisbon, Portugal and focuses mainly on Travel and Landscape, and People and Lifestyle. He recommends visiting this breathtaking place year-round preferably in the morning or evening.

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