From editorials, to nature, to storytelling photography, today’s Portfolio Highlights is sharing only a small glimpse of our talented community. 9 Cherrydeck members are being presented and whilst they all touch upon different photography styles, they are all equally talented. Take a look!

The Portfolio Highlights series aims at featuring creative images and fascinating projects from various Cherrydeck members.

As we believe that all great work should be appreciated, 9 Cherrydeck members were chosen to have part of their portfolios featured and spread throughout our creative community. Enjoy!

September 2020 Portfolio Highlights (not ranked in any particular order):

Nuno Serrão

Nuno is a Portuguese photographer, cinematographer, and creative director based in Lisbon, Portugal. He specialises his work around Travel & Landscape, Editorial & Documentary, and Conceptual & Advertising. He finds great comfort in minimalism, art, and science – which steers his interest towards the balanced dialogues between science and contemporary art. With this, his images consider the handling of information, and how it is shared and perceived.

Science drives Nuno’s curiosity to places impossible to reach and art is the middle-factor used to encompass new perspectives through the portrayal of frames and stories. Photography is the mean used to look for answers in regard to the experience of others.

Rita W. Batalha

Rita is visual designer and photographer based in Porto, Portugal. Enthusiastic about the world of online and offline communication and digital and analog photography, Rita credits her photography as providing a journey through different worlds. This passion of exploration and acquiring new skills can be seen through her interest in various photography genre, such as: Conceptual & Advertising, Food & Still Life, and Fashion & Beauty.

The images presented below are from a project, “Dancer Series” which highlights the struggle of a dancer attempting to escape from the boundaries that society creates.

Amir Azari

Award-winning Fashion & Beauty, and Food & Still Life photographer, Amir is based in Paris, France. In 2009, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Tehran University of Art, and holds more than thirteen years of experience in the industry. Initially assisting various artists in 2006, Amir gradually became inspired to began his journey as an independent professional photographer.

Perceiving photography as a mean of expressing his mental revelations through the belief that an image can speak louder than words, Amir believes that the camera is the least important tool. He believes creativity combined with skill, style, and insight makes a photographer a real one. Glancing at the world through difference eyes and presenting it in an engaging way is the only way in which he believes to achieve self-evaluation and actualisation.

Marta Fernandes

Lisbon-based photographer Marta describes herself as a very sensitive person, who sees the world with kindness and is determined to bring that to every shot. She focuses on People & Lifestyle, and Fashion & Beauty and is currently working as a photographer and videographer for a dance school in Portugal.

Her project “Addiction, drown in you” reflects the channels of emotions which are presented through the art of dance, and enhanced through the element of water.

Thomas Wuif Schwartz

German-Danish Still Life photographer Thomas is based in Cologne, Germany. With passion and devotion having a vital influence in his work his love for photography is reflected, as well as visual minimalistic imagery through forms, shades, materials and objects. Through the support of light and shadow, which artistically support the composition of his work, a unique play with materials, structures, and surfaces is seen.

Dedicated to unfold the aesthetics in things, seeing the beauty in the detail, Thomas unfold a unique style in Still Life photography. This is clearly seen in his project “Drinking Water”, as the series visualises the abstracts of water melting together with water glasses, questioning the rules of gravity in a simple, subtle way.

Portfolio Highlights
Portfolio Highlights

Jana Jackson

Jana is a Canadian photographer living and working in London, UK, aiming her work around the respondence to people and their cultures, through photographing the unknown, the forgotten, and the under-noticed. This is reflected through her photo series, entitled “Portugal” which reflects a cultural journey and encompasses people and architecture.

Her storytelling photography is driven by her intuition and desire to dive deep into the lives of different people and their unique communities. Jana’s passion and motivation is what inspires her creative path.

Portfolio Highlights

João Bacelar

Fashion photographer and artist, João, is based in Lisbon, Portugal. His project “The Girl Who Came From The Cold” discusses the journey 20-year-old Oksana Tkach made to Portugal from the Ukraine when she was 4 years old. The images were featured alongside an interview regarding Oksana’s journey. João’s work places an elegant spin on the tough times that Oksana overcame through portraying her in an uplifting setting.

Portfolio Highlights
Portfolio Highlights

Christina Sandrock

Christina is a Fashion, Beauty, and Underwater photographer and creative director based in Berlin, Germany. Her photography is centralised around basic essentials – shown through reducing the backdrop with the aim of concentrating more on the subject of the picture. She searches for aesthetics relating to forms and dynamics which speak to harmony and tension, additional to the inclusion of colour.

Christina has been working as a freelance photographer since 2008 and some of her clients have included: Jolie Magazine, Nikon Japan, Vogue IT, Vichy, amongst others.

Portfolio Highlights

Sean Househam

Focusing on Travel & Landscape, and Sports & Cars, the Amsterdam-based photographer Sean is an eager to capture to true essence of what he sees around the world, as well as what he feels through his photography. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, he is inspired by the thrill of excitement, adventure, curiosity, and wonder that he can communicate as a photographer.

He is constantly intrigued to capture extraordinary experiences with the aim of sharing beautiful moments with others.

Portfolio Highlights

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