Brilliance can be found all over. Regardless of the creative direction pursued, talent is showcased in many unique ways. From portraits to still life to architecture, have a look at the past month’s Cherrydeck’s fresh talent.

With a number of creatives having joined the Cherrydeck community the past month, we would like to take a moment and share with you some of their outstanding work! Take a look at some of our newcomers – enjoy this November’s fresh talent!

Fresh Talent
Dulce Daniel | Porto, Portugal
Fresh Talent
Mathilda Barret | Paris, France
Fresh Talent
Julian Gomez | Paris, France
Fresh Talent
Migle Golubickaite | Kaunas, Lithuania
Fresh Talent
Noora Nilsén | Helsinki, Finland
Fresh Talent
Ada Gruszka | Warsaw, Poland
Lotte Thor | Berlin, Germany
Clara Sousa | Lisbon, Portugal
Fresh Talent
Gabrielle Riouah | Paris, France
Norbert von Niman | Reykjavík, Iceland
Alex Reyto | Toulouse, France
Wolfgang Zlodej | Frankfurt, Germany

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