It is not always easy producing content that is relevant and speaks to your audience. Become aware of the types of brand videos on the rise and start planning your content.

With marketing strategies including more visual communication, video content is something you definitely need to invest in.

With countless video styles to choose from in order to promote your brand, the Cherrydeck Editorial team gathered 7 types of brand videos you should think of incorporating in your next campaign! We have also made sure of including excellent examples, so that you know exactly what we are referring to. Take a look!

#1 The Classic Commercial Spot

Kicking off our list of types of brand videos, we will start talking about the most classic and known type — the standard commercial spot. We have all seen a commercial, and we probably all remember certain commercials — either because they were funny or strange. This idea is the magic behind the classic commercial spot.

But, in order to create a commercial that leaves a lasting impression, it is extremely important that you are aware of the type of content that you want to show. This is because, the content incorporated makes all the difference in how the clip is perceived.

You may be asking yourself now ‘how do I know what content to use?’ Well, it all depends on what medium you want to distribute your spot across. Whether you want it to run on the TV, social media, or even on YouTube, determines the content forms you are incorporating — not to mention the length of the clip.

However, no matter what media platform you are opting to present you commercial spot on, one thing must be clear! You need to immediately captivate the consumer.

#2 Round-ups

Round-up videos are setup as a list based around a specific theme or category. For example a video entitled “The Top 8 Italian Restaurants in Hamburg” would be classified as a round-up video.

Although this style of content seems easy to film, there are specific aspects which should be kept in mind. In order to create a successful round-up video for your brand, you should keep in relatively short — aiming to keep it under 10 minutes, so that your audience stays engaged.

Additionally, it is advised that the host of the video is not only speaking to the camera — rather, find a good way to mix in clips of people, places and the products you are talking about.

#3 The Company Culture Video

Are you a brand that wants to give your customers a feel of your company values, objectives, or even introduce your team members? Then why not showcase all these aspects in a company culture video!

These style of videos are extremely unique in highlighting the ethos of your brand, as you can speak to the emotions of the everyday consumer and strengthen their brand loyalty.

Throughout the years, consumers have become more interested in learning about the behind the scenes of a company. So, approach this video with the intent of marketing your brand, instead of selling a product or service.

Much like the round-ups video style, remember to not only film the person talking, but also show shots of your company and the work environment. And, don’t forget that music can go a long way in building an emotional attachment.

#4 Sharing Behind the Scenes Footage

If you are a brand with an interesting development, production, or distribution process then you should definitely show it. Building off the community culture style video, consumers love to get the inside scoop on their favourite brand.

It is also a great way to show your customers new things in the pipeline, and foreshadow their excitement. By sharing an insider’s view, you will not only humanise your brand but also build trust.

Sharing a behind the scenes video is especially beneficial for brands that are directed at a more artistic and creative audience. This is because, uniquely crafted products are often times easier to show than describe.

Start planning your behind the scenes video ideas today. And remember, the more your consumers feel that they are involved in the process of your brand, the more invested and eager they will become.

#5 An Interview Style Video

Opposed to the company culture video and behind the scenes, an interview style video is purely directed at placing one or two people into the spotlight. Preferably when presenting an interview style video, the interviewee should be a personality that the audience knows or an expert on the topic(s) at hand.

If you are looking into one of the types of brand videos which helps to share your brand’s values as well as position yourself through inspiring people with an absorbing message, then an interview just might be the path to follow.

When deciding for an interview, remember that the questions you ask and the camera perspectives you include can make all the difference.

#6 The Explainer Video Type

Do you often times have the issue that you are explaining your brand to a client and they don’t immediately understand your service or good? Well, then maybe you should consider producing an explainer video.

This video type is usually found on your brand’s landing page or homepage, and gives a brief introduction into who you are and what you do.

In order to simplify things even more, the explainer video is not one that incorporates an extensive amount of real-life content. Rather, in order to clearly explain your product and service in the best way possible, you might want to consider incorporating animations and voice-overs to present, for example, statistics.

However, explainer videos do not have to be only animated, if this is not something you are keen on. Great alternatives are to include recordings of product demonstrations, and any other mean of visual storytelling.

#7 The Mini-Documentary

The last content method on our list of the 7 types of brand videos, is the mini-documentary. The mini-documentary is an excellent choice if you want to include your consumer in the culture surrounding your brand and give them an inside scoop into your brand’s journey.

This type of video format is an excellent choice for showing the development of your products and services. If your brand has a rich history, whether you have maintained the same ideals or underwent a complete relaunch you should definitely consider telling your story this way.

Keep in mind, that this type of brand video should be viewed as a film, and not just any standard video. Your consumers will love this style of video for not only the glimpse into their favourite brand, but because of the honest light in which you will place your brand into.

Let’s sum it up!

Here are the 7 best types of brand videos to incorporate into your next campaign:

  1. The Classic Commercial Spot
  2. Round-ups
  3. The Company Culture Video
  4. Sharing Behind the Scenes Footage
  5. An Interview Style Video
  6. The Explainer Video Type
  7. The Mini-Documentary

With these video types in mind, you are sure to grow your brand and unique products and services. But, remember that for every marketing tactic there is a specific video type that will give you that extra mile of reach, so choose wisely!

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