Whether you are waiting in traffic, cooking dinner or doing sports, podcasts are the most convenient way to stay up to date and learn new things.

There are podcasts on every topic and for every taste, and marketing is no exception. Here are 8 podcasts you should know (and listen to!) as a Brand Manager.

HBR IdeaCast

This podcast is hosted by two senior editors from the Harvard Business Review, Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch, in which each week they interview one leading expert about various topics.

They also have additional special series, the last one being “Real Leaders”, where they talk about leadership and how it applies to various personalities.

Marketing Over Coffee

This show literally happens over coffee as the host is recording it in a local coffee shop and publishing it every Thursday. Amongst the most popular episodes, is an interview with Mike Volpe, the CEO of Hubspot.

Call To Action

This show ended in 2017 and yet, remains completely up to date. This podcast talks about online marketing success stories and key take-aways to apply to your own business.

Everyone Hates Marketers

Presented as a podcast which will help you to “Become a confident marketer who gets real results (without treating people like garbage)”, Everyone Hates Marketers covers a wide range of topics. From Customer Research to Content Marketing, no subject is left on the side. In addition to the podcast itself, you will find on the website all the resources mentioned during the interviews.

OMR Podcast (mostly in German)

The Online Marketing Rockstars is a reference in Europe when it comes to digital economy, content, events, and technology.

From NYU Prof. Scott Galloway to Billie Eilish, their monthly podcast hosted by Philipp Westermeyer covers all kind of stories and offers some unexpected insights.

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Social Media Marketing Podcast

This weekly 45-minute podcast is all about interviews and success stories. Each episode focuses on very specific topics, such as Facebook Organic Reach or Google Analytics. If you have a particular question, you can join the weekly TweetChat or even watch the weekly Social Media Marketing Talk Show.

Social Pros Podcast

This podcast is mainly about Content Marketing and how to make the most of your social media presence. It was named “Best Podcast” at the Content Marketing Awards in 2015.

The Growth Hub Podcast

This show is dedicated to CEOs, founders, and SaaS marketers. In his conversation with specialists, the host Edward Ford, mixes strategic frameworks, actionable insights, and inspiring tales to get your business to grow!

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