Some time ago, we’ve challenged you to submit your best work to “Remote is The New Black” as an attempt to keep creation going during times of isolation. Today, we finally reveal the four winning entries!

In “Remote is The New Black” we asked you to create amazing photographs from another space without leaving your own. The task was challenging: draft a creative concept, schedule a video call with your desired model, and collaborate on shooting together.

Once again, we were impressed with the way many of our creators took the task and with the creativity embedded in each of the submissions we’ve received!

Although only the four selected profiles will be awarded the final prizes, we want to thank everyone for the effort put in and the amazing works submitted.

Having that said, we would like to salute the four winning artists: FrancescaMafeAnya, and DeboraCongratulations!

Four winning projects (ranked by place):

1st Place: Francesca Morrison

I have been remotely shooting through FaceTime for the past 2 months. Being able to connect and shoot with people all around the world is amazing.

2nd Place: Mafe Espitia

This project started as a necessity to reinvent myself, considering that we have not been able to develop our artistic practices using the tools we have been used to.

Since we don’t know how long this situation will last or how long will it take for me to see my friends, especially the ones further away, I decided that distance should not be an obstacle to keep shooting, and so I embarked in this new world of remote sessions via FaceTime.

I decided that the people with whom I wanted to shoot for this project were those people who, despite the distance, have always been present to support and be accomplices of my work. There have been moments of connections, memories, laughter and love — and also of creativity, especially from the side of the models, who set up the scenarios on their own.

3rd Place: Anya Kholina

4th Place: Debora Masetti

My project is about using photography as therapy during my self-isolation period, to enhance the everyday life. It’s about finding happiness in the simple things.

Other amazing entries:

Jamie Waters

I had intended to shoot with the rapper Vinch before quarantine, but realising it would be months before we could work together we challenged ourselves to create something remotely. The resulting hour-long FaceTime shoot became the basis for a music video featuring animated frames taken from a recording of the FaceTime with various cameras. This series includes the handmade artwork scanned for the animation.

Alexandra Melsitowa

Rafa Sánchez

The concept came from her red dress. We combined it with her different red boxes and used some fruit and juice to add a playful tone to it. Luckily she also had a grey wall and fabric that combined perfectly with the red. Play with the assets you have!

Jimi Herrtage

I have been working on a series of fashion stories themed around cowgirls! Until Covid-19 I had been shooting monthly in different locations around the world while away for work. My idea is to eventually have an exhibition and make a calendar of my work from these projects. This is my effort to keep the theme going but virtually during lock down.

Shot on FaceTime and collaged with iPhone, and 35mm imagery I have shot while self isolating in Cornwall, UK. The models, Dani & Keltie were in Miami and Vancouver Island, Canada respectively. It’s been an amazing challenge to be able to be creative and connect with someone the other side of the world.

Stefanie Schmid Rincon

Somehow, like every creative person, my fingers are starting to burn and I thought I needed to start a new photo project without leaving my apartment in Berlin, where I am quarantined. Empty streets are not for me, since I enjoy having people in front of my lens. That’s how I got to experiment with the idea of virtual photo sessions with Female musician artists that, as well as me, would be right now travelling or on tour. My purpose was that it shouldn’t look like it was shot virtually.

One of the challenges shooting via your phone is that you have no idea how the surroundings on the other side are, and that you limit yourself to this small box/screen. What was also very important was having the right internet connections. One some cases the connection was crisp clear and on others it was super low, we would have to hang up and call back. Also giving instructions for poses, etc. — it was a training. Many of these artists I have worked with before and we could go flawless. But shooting with people you have never met before in real life (and they don’t know how you work as well) was very interesting. For me as a freelance photographer, I feel that hard times are coming, so I will try to stay as creative as possible, and would enjoy to keep on working in this project and keep on experimenting.

Hilal Turan

To recap the competition, have a look at our blog post. To see other competitions we have going on, keep an eye on our blog or our opportunities page. ?

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  1. You guys post about blackouttuesday but only white people in this whole page. Only white winners and only white european beauty. Seriously this is embarrasing!

    1. Hello Luis, if you take a closer look on our main page, the blog and our social media channels you will find that we promote and award photographers and models within all ranges of skin colour and cultural backgrounds.

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