With Covid-19 still taking the world by storm, many creatives are facing difficulties in staying inspired, especially if you are used to traveling the globe for your job. We hosted our first webinar with Zhenya Savina who shared her reflection on travel photography during Covid-19.

Zhenya Savina is experienced in traveling the globe in search of her next big project. However, with Covid-19 still placing the majority of the world in a standstill, travel-crazed creatives are seeking other ways to keep their creativity held high.

On our webinar, she shared her reflection on travel photography during Covid-19 and discussed tips and insights in getting started and staying motivated.

Getting started in Travel Photography

One of the best ways to possibly get started in travel photography is to take a gap year or do volunteer work in a remote country, where you normally wouldn’t travel to.

On Zhenya’s reflection on travel photography, she revealed that after graduating from university in 2016, she travelled to Nepal for a 2-months volunteering adventure in a monastery. This was a great experience for her, as she had never had the chance to travel and see the world before this event.

Her main piece of advice for choosing to do something like this is it allows you to know what you want and meet your true self — which only can be done when place yourself into a situation where you are alone and need to adapt.

Zhenya’s reflection on travel photography brought forth many valuable tips to inspire those seeking a career in this field (even during Covid-19):

  1. Don’t be afraid to take risks
  2. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  3. Be open to meeting your true self
  4. Reach out to brands and see if they are willing to support your travels in exchange for a project
  5. Be open to meeting new people and networking with them
  6. Don’t let closed borders stop you — utilise this strange time to prepare yourself for you future journey
  7. Don’t get demotivated if things are not happening directly from the start — good things take time
  8. Follow your love and passion for exploring

Along with the above mentioned tips, Zhenya also shared her favourite gear and equipment and reflected on what anyone willing to start off in this field should focus on. She revealed that when travelling, it is very important to keep your gear light and reliable. Always remember, if you are hiking up a mountain in search of that one great photograph, you will not want to lug 20 kilograms of gear on your back.

Want to know more about the gear that Zhenya uses? Watch the webinar below!

Inspirational Tools

So far, we’ve discussed about getting started in travel photography and certain aspects you should focus greatly on. But we know there’s one detail missing — we can’t travel! Well, just because travel restrictions are in place, doesn’t mean that you can’t already start gaining inspiration.

What the majority of people associate with traveling is flying to remote countries through countless timezones. However, this is maybe the chance to learn to love your home country through exploring all it has to offer. This is not only a great way to find photography inspiration, but also improve your skills and test out new gear.

What can you look at to stay inspired and motivated during Covid-19?

One great way to getting inspired and staying motivated is by watching documentaries about photographers and explorers. With this you can learn more on how photography can be combined within numerous fields. Some great examples are: Tales by Light (Netflix), The Salt of the Earth (Amazon), Samsara (Amazon), Garry Winogrand: All Things are Photographable (Amazon). To learn about more inspiring documentaries, check out the Webinar below!

Another great way, is to take part in master classes, for example: David Yarrow Masterclass (Masters of Photography) and Albert Watson (Masters of Photography). Masterclasses provide extensive learnings and information that can really help you build your skill.

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