Getting a spot in a sports competition is very difficult – especially for neurodivergent athletes. Adidas’ latest campaign, Runner 321, tries to ensure the representation of people with Down Syndrome in every marathon.

The number 321 refers to Trisomy 21 (tri-21) – the medical identifier for Down Syndrome. Consequently, this is an important number within the Down Syndrome community and the reason behind World Down Syndrome Day (03/21).

Accordingly, Adidas’ Runner 321 is making sure that from now on, the 321 spot in marathons is reserved for runners with Down Syndrome. Therefore, encouraging representation in mainstream sports, and shaping a more inclusive future for running!

Leaning on Adidas’ sponsorship of the world’s oldest and one of the most prestigious races, the Boston Marathon, the brand is making this campaign a reality.

The ad was made in collaboration with FCB Canada, and it follows Chris Nikic – Adidas’ first sponsored athlete with Down Syndrome. Accordingly, through a powerful voiceover, he incentivizes people like him to run and compete in sports. Chris will participate in the Boston Marathon (April 18th) and show that it is possible!

Adidas Runner 321
Adidas Runner 321

When I was a kid, I rarely saw anyone who looks like me in mainstream sports… And now, we’re changing that.

Chris Nikic

Indeed, the ad comes hand in hand with the Adidas’ Impossible is Nothing series – an ongoing initiative to uplift people from underrepresented groups, and be a game-changer in the sports industry.

Consequently, Adidas calls all marathons and races to take action and permanently reserve the bib number 321 for neurodivergent runners. Furthermore, they provide a toolkit to facilitate the addition of ‘Runner 321’, downloadable on the campaign’s page.

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