Client: Vitamalz

Outcome: Custom library
with 214 branded images

Duration: 4 weeks

The assignment

Vitamalz is a german brand producing non-alcoholic malt-based beverages. Recently, they’ve decided to try Cherrydeck Branded Stock to source branded imagery for social media showcasing their unique drinks.

The process

With Cherrydeck Branded Stock, the brand found a way to obtain visual high-quality content without having to plan a full production or commit to a high budget from the start.

Vitamalz submitted a brief and sent their photography guidelines with the required look & feel for their images. Then, Cherrydeck got to work to find the right fit among a pool of talented applicants.

After a careful selection, the brand could send out their choice of products to be captured and shortly wait for results.

The results

Vitamalz received a library of +210 branded lifestyle images featuring their own beverages in a fitting environment and mood, together with the required models. Then, the brand cherry-picked and purchased their favorite media assets.

Through Cherrydeck Branded Stock, Vitamalz could pay simply for the visuals selected. Non-selected photographs remained stored in the brand’s content marketplace and could be later purchased for further use.

Check out some of the images on Vitamalz’s Instagram page!

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Photography by Eric Garsleitner.

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