Building a strong B2B visual content marketing plan is all about the types of imagery you use. Get to know the 5 most effective visual content types.

Captivating imagery is not only needed to clarify the tough-to-understand text. Rather, it is a great way to grow a better engagement and increase loyalty.

Take a look at the most relevant types of visual content to include in your B2B marketing strategy, in order to drive sales.

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#1 Homepage Videos

Homepage videos are a distinct type of visual content that can immediately add value to your business. This type of video is embedded on your website, making it the first thing that visitors see. As videos are a great way to showcase your product or service in a rememberable way, you should take this visual content type into consideration.

In terms of a homepage video, it is extremely important that you make it as captivating as possible. You should engage your website’s visitors, whilst delivering the message quickly in an entertaining way.

In order to stand out from the crowd and make other businesses want to work with you, you should give your company a personality — oftentimes done through the element of storytelling. Through this, you will ensure that other businesses will view your brand as transparent, thus generating interest in working with you.

#2 Compelling Photography

Incorporating captivating photography alongside your marketing strategies can be a great way of enhancing your business’s message and supporting the imagery of your service. As humans interact with both visual and verbal forms of communication, it is only natural that in order to speak to different businesses you include images that support your company.

Stunning photography has the power to elevate realities and inspire a business to take action. The integration of breathtaking images can influence your marketing strategy in an extremely positive way as it allows you to humanise your brand, showcase your products or services, and support the written content through visualisations.

These images can then be shared on social media platforms, email campaigns, in newsletters, and more. These are great platforms, besides your business’s website, where you can present these photographs.

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#3 Informative GIFs

Much like for B2C strategies, GIFs can also be applied in visual content types used for B2B marketing. Whilst GIFs have a connotation of presenting an idea in a humorous way, the implementation styles of this visual form have drastically developed over the years.

Rather than thinking of a GIF as an entertaining visualisation, try thinking of a GIF as a way to share an idea or message.

An animated GIF is a great way to integrate user-generated content into your visual strategy, which could possibly result in this form of communication going viral.

As the concentration of the average person is constantly decreasing, a GIF is a wonderful way of appealing to an individual’s emotions, without requiring the viewer to sacrifice an excessive amount of time.

Try sharing a new product or present the solution to a problem in a GIF.

#4 Charts and Graphs

B2B buyers are extremely data-oriented. As a result, it is extremely important that you showcase your visual content in a more data-focused way. Charts and graphs are great forms of data visualisations, and are a valuable form of making your brand be more seen.

Data visualisations are a powerful way in which you can make text flooded case studies or articles easier to comprehend.

However, keep in mind that you cannot just rely on the chart or graph alone to accumulate more traffic — try optimising these visual depictions for search engines. This way, you will also generate more natural visitors based off of their search queries.

Charts and graphs can also be an outstanding way to speak to the emotional side of a person, as you are presenting your business in a transparent way. You are generating loyalty and trust.

#5 Infographics

The last visual content type which is currently on the rise, are infographics. It is widely believed that the more interactive a company makes their content the greater the likelihood is that it will be seen.

Infographics are a great way to simplify complex data and information, which will greatly increase the probability of your visual content being seen. As many businesses will base their decision if they want to work with you off of the data that you provide, it is essential that your facts are not only relevant but are also appealing.

If your business has decided to integrate an infographic as part of the visual content marketing strategy, then it is important to keep a few essential aspects in mind. The first one being probably the most important, the illustrations.

Illustrations are the first aspect that really appeals to a person when they glance at an infographic for the first time. With this, it is extremely important to liven up the message you want to share through the colors and style you have opted for.

Time to sum it up!

Here are the 5 visual content types you should keep in mind for your next B2B marketing strategy.

  1. Homepage Videos
  2. Compelling Photography
  3. Informative GIFs
  4. Charts and Graphs
  5. Infographics

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