Finding the best photo editing software can be difficult. There are many different genres under the scope of photography, so it is only fitting that there are different softwares used for different editing aims.

Regardless of the type of editing software you are looking for, you are sure to find a suitable one from the list below. Take a read into the best photo editing softwares in 2021 and test them out today!

#1 Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop is not only one of the most known photo editing applications out there, but it is also one of the most powerful. A go-to editing tool for artists, illustrators, and designers, Photoshop provides creative minds with the ability to turn a standard image into a real masterpiece.

Designed to allow you the ability to lay, mask and retouch images, the application is an excellent tool for complex photographs and compositions. Despite the clean interface of the software, Adobe Photoshop is definitely a program that cannot be used for a quick day-to-day editing.

Adobe Photoshop CC is also integrated into the Creative Cloud subscription. While the price point may be a dealbreaker for some photographers, the Creative Cloud brings forth the advantage that an image can be edited in its vast array of applications, without the hassle of exporting it.

Quick Facts:
  • Compatibility: Apple and Windows
  • Price Point: Creative Cloud subscription plan (€11,89, €23,79. and €59,49)
  • Best used for: Professional photographers looking for complex edits

#2 Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro is an excellent photo editing app. By offering cataloging tools, impressive raw processing, image enhancement tools, and various present effects, Capture One Pro is the best photo editing software for photographers who like to revisit adjustments.

The software works in a single window, making it easier for the editor to allocate the tools that they are looking for. Additionally, you can customize your tools tab, so that you can more easily access frequently used features.

While the raw conversions are sharper, Capture One Pro does not support a wide range of camera formats or an increased number of lens correction profiles.

The Capture One subscription plans are exclusive to Fujifilm, Sony, or Nikon cameras. However, you can also pick a subscription plan that is open to all cameras at once. The advantage of the camera-specific setup is that the plan is tailored to the colour processing and perspectives captured by that device.

best photo editing software

Quick Facts:
  • Compatibility: Apple and Windows
  • Price Point: Free trial and subscription plan (starting from €18,00 – €24,00)
  • Best used for: Enhancing colours and light

#3 Affinity Photo

Sold at a budget price point, Affinity Photo is a photo editing software that can be well compared to Adobe Photoshop.

The creative software company Serif has built its reputation on creating low-cost Windows versions of professional editing tools. However, with Affinity, the company is expanding the niche they have created for themselves.

Affinity is oftentimes seen as the budget-priced competitor to Adobe Photoshop. The reason for this being that Affinity is an excellent tool for creative professionals that are in need of layering, masking, and retouching tools. In addition, editors have the option to apply live filter effects and the HDR tone mapping is an outstanding tool.

The photo editing software focuses on in-depth, technical image enhancements — meaning if you do not have a designed vision of what you want to achieve you will have a difficult time with the tool.

best photo editing software

Quick Facts:
  • Compatibility: Apple and Windows
  • Price Point: €54,99
  • Best used for: General editing for creative minds

#4 DxO PhotoLab

DxO PhotoLab is an image editing software that focuses on high-quality lens corrections and raw processing. The editing software is known for its ability in creating incredible results from even the most average camera gear. Adjust colours, perspectives, and lighting to create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind image.

DxO Photo Lab does not have its own cataloging tool, however, it does have a folder browsing tool so that you can easily find the images you are looking for.

While the essential DxO PhotoLab deal already presents itself as a powerful source for quick fixes and raw processing, if you are looking for more extensive features — such as perspective corrections or de-noising effects, you will need to spend more money and buy the elite edition.

Keep in mind, that DxO PhotoLab does not support Fijifilm X-Trans files.

Quick Facts:
  • Compatibility: Apple and Windows
  • Price Point: 30-day free trial and subscription plan: €99,99 or €149,99
  • Best used for: Adjusting perspectives and colours

#5 Exposure X6

If you are seeking to blend analog appearances with a contemporary photo perspective, then you should take Exposure X6 into account. The photo editing software offers a large index of vintage and modern film results.

The combination of the two aspects results in fading, cross processing, light leaks, borders, grain, and vignetting — amongst others.

While Exposure X6 offers a vast amount of editing tools, one of which being adjustment layers of stacking images and blending alterations, you cannot merge images.

Much like other photo editing softwares that currently hold a high ranking on the market, you can create an effective folder-browsing system in which you can easily organize your photos. The main benefit is that you can successfully filter your images and search for relevant keywords without having to import and export themes and categories.

best photo editing software

Quick Facts:
  • Compatibility: Apple and Windows
  • Price Point: Free trial and subscription plan for €119
  • Best used for: Combining editing styles

#6 ON1 Photo Raw

Having initially started out as ON1 Perfect Suite, ON1 Photo Raw has evolved into a more accurate, modern-day program. Whilst the software used to only be accessible through the downloading of varying plug-ins, it is now a one-stop-shop.

ON1 Photo Raw offers an excellent range of effects, successfully supports layers, and allows you to edit your content in a non-destructive way.

In 2021, the software will bring forth new colour selections and introduce powerful replacement tools, a healing brush for spots, as well as new landscape and portrait enhancement tools.

Much like what Adobe has established with their Creative Cloud, with ON1 Photo Raw there is an additional subscription that allows you to share and synchronize your images with your mobile devices so that you can view them from anywhere.

If you are in need of a powerful tool that allows you to incorporate layers, mask components, and composition content in interesting ways, then you might want to take a look at this editing software.

best photo editing software

Quick Facts:
  • Compatibility: Apple and Windows
  • Price Point: €103,08
  • Best used for: Editing various aspects of an image with one softtware

Let’s sum it up!

Here is the shortlist of the best photo editing softwares to use in 2021 in order to enhance your photographs!

  1. Adobe Photoshop CC
  2. Capture One Pro
  3. Affinity Photo
  4. DxO PhotoLab
  5. Exposure X6
  6. ON1 Photo Raw

With these photo editing softwares you are sure to bring your photos to the next level.

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