The photo series “Bloom” by Kaska Jankiewicz explores the nostalgia she feels towards her home country. Through integrating ideas of sustainability she is able to share her philosophy.

Kaska Jankiewicz is from Mazury, one of the wildest regions in Poland, famous for its nature and lake district. When she was a child, she thought that all villages and town were surrounded by forests, however, realized that this was not the case.

On one of her first trips, Kaska traveled to the seaside. When she was looking out of the window of the train, she was shocked to see long, infinite fields.

Due to the pandemic, she was unable to visit her family home. The photo series “Bloom” was brought forth through her longing after the Masurian forest.

Ka?ka Jankiewicz
Ka?ka Jankiewicz
Ka?ka Jankiewicz

Having a strong love for nature and animals, Kaska began focusing on working with sustainable fashion and design. She takes great pleasure in working on campaigns for brands that share a similar philosophy.

Throughout her fashion photography, Kaska often expresses her feelings of nostalgia through the integration of berries, wildflowers, pines, and deep green tones.

Ka?ka Jankiewicz
Ka?ka Jankiewicz

The photo series, “Bloom” expresses Kaska’s infatuation with the nature of her home country. In addition, the series acts as a sort of call-to-action to a more sustainable and natural future.

Kaska is a photographer, art director, and photo retoucher currently based in Berlin. With over 9 years of experience in the industry, Kaska looks to deal with complex productions. She is passionate about the idea of finding and portraying harmony in her work and seeks to emphasise the mood of the photograph as much as possible.

To see more of Kaska’s work, visit her Cherrydeck profile or her website, here. Discover more photography that encompasses the ideas of nostalgia in “Nest” by Dan Moga.

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