Distanced, vulnerable, touch conscious? Crazy are the times we are living in and this photo series from Tatiana Saavedra is somehow the perfect representation of our current emotional state.

“Blue” is a series of pictures by the photographer Tatiana Saavedra, where the colour is the connecting element that guides the viewer from one to the other. But besides the beautiful compositions and the perfectly combined tones, it was the emotions the series evokes what dragged us into it.

Expressing a certain feeling of melancholy, social distancing, and impure touch, the collection also seems to visually depict our present state.

Mostly watching what is happening around us and practicing isolation all over the world, today we feel these images a little bit differently. Enjoy ?

Tatiana Saavedra
Tatiana Saavedra wash your hands
Tatiana Saavedra

Tatiana Saavedra is a Lisbon-based photographer who sees herself as a visual poet. To her, there’s something dreamy and very special in photography and colors. If you wish to see more of her work, have a look at her Cherrydeck profile or website, here.

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