Cherrydeck and Paperlike collaborated to find a videographer that would produce the brand’s second crowdfunding video. Today, we talk with the company founder, Jan Sapper.

Get to know Jan Sapper, the CEO and founder of Paperlike, a company that started with a simple idea and as a hobby, but whose product quickly became craved by artists and busy professionals all over the world.

Paperlike is an iPad screen protector that gives the device a paper feeling when drawing and writing on it. Instead of sliding the pencil around on the glass surface, with Paperlike anyone can get the ideal amount of friction and right stroke resistance that make the screen feel just like a page of a sketchbook.

Initially developed to solve Jan’s frustration with iPad writing, the product rapidly became known and much appreciated by designers, business professionals, artists and anyone who was looking to go paperless.

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After the success of the product, the company worked on crafting their identity and developing a better version with refined functionality and higher quality. As Jan explains, a screen protector can easily become a commodity so it’s important to invest in creating a strong brand, an image, and a customer experience that really differentiates Paperlike from any other screen protectors.

Especially with this type of product — where copy cats might easily appear and people can only test it after they’ve purchased — Jan considers important to convey a strong message of quality and build trust towards potential customers.

For the crowdfunding campaign of the improved version of Paperlike, it was important for Jan to produce a video that stood between a fairly modest production and high quality content, in order to signal they were on a different level than when they’ve started but still very close to their audience.

When it came to choosing the videographer for the job, Jan knew that he didn’t want to recur to the “friend of a friend” network, as it’s easy to loose the reference of quality and it’s quite an unstructured way to assess different options.

Turning to Cherrydeck, he was able to deliver his requirements, the description of his project, and afterward easily compare the visual styles of the different videographers available and choose the one that best fitted his purpose.

(Cherrydeck) was a pretty cool offering, because I could really say ‘this is what I’m looking for’, ‘this is the project I’m doing’.

One important part of it is having a visual style. You can have a look at the visual styles and say ‘ok, that fits to what I want’ and then decide who to work with.

Jan Sapper

To know more about the video produced visit this blog post. To know more about Paperlike, visit their website or their Instagram profile. For more information about the Cherrydeck brand offers, have a look at this page or at some of our published success stories. ?

Video credits: Moritz Bauer.

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