It’s that time of the year again where everything is happy, fun and celebratory! This Christmas, make sure immaculate presents are wrapped and placed under the tree for those special smiles. With the help of some well-informed elves, Cherrydeck has compiled a list of the best Christmas presents for your loved ones.

Christmas is around the corner. Are you on the look for beautiful and aesthetic gifts for like-minded and artistic people as yourself? Creatives may seem difficult to shop for and chances of you being zapped are pretty high. But struggle no more! Fortunately, Cherrydeck has some suggestions for you.

Our team has handpicked some cool and imaginative gift ideas for the artistic people in your life. Here is a list for both big smiles and all-size wallets, with various gifts that are sure to win hearts.

1. John Pawson’s Spectrum Book

Price: €40

If you love simple and colourful things, this book may just be it. World-renowned minimalist architect and photographer, John Pawson, showcases surprising forms of colour through 320 inspiring photographs. The book is sure to take you on a journey across the world.

John Pawson's - Spectrum

Buy it here.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

Price: €59

Perfect for a starter, this delightful and eye-catchy camera is a sheer joy to look at for anyone interested in photography. Easy to use, the Instax Mini 9 uses a credit-card-sized film that prints instantly. A fun way to get started with instant film and a splashy and vibrant gift to brighten up the festive season.

Buy here.

3. Toilet Paper Magazine Collector’s Edition

Price: €40

For someone who likes out-of-the-box and slightly over-the-top things Toilet Paper — the magazine created and produced by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, is the right choice. The publication has created a world of its own and is (without a doubt) for artists of all kinds. Displaying enigmatic narratives and some loud and surrealistic imagery, it’s a perfect gift for someone who likes eccentric creativity.

Toilet Paper Magazine

Get the magazine here.

4. Andy Warhol Polaroids Book

Price: €40

Most photographers like carrying their camera with them everywhere they go. If you are looking for inspiration, stop right here, this book is for you. Andy Warhol not only took his Polaroid everywhere he went, but also shot pictures of all kinds of personalities with it. A sneak peak into his life and encounters, this book features tons of these instant photos and is a treat to the eyes and mind.

Andy Warhol Polaroids

Buy it here and let yourself inspire!

5. Photographers A-Z by Hans-Michael Koetzle

Price: €15

If your Christmas buddies enjoys collecting coffee table books, then this is a must-have to add to their collection. This piece showcases works of the most influential photographers of the last century and covers the earliest representations of classical Modernism right up to the present day. A treat to go through, each time.

Photographers A - Z by Hans-Michael Koetzle

Buy it here and go on a historical ride.

6. Mavic Air from DJI — Foldable Drone

Price: €850

For that very special friend where going heavy on the pocket is not a concern and going high on altitude is a true passion, this foldable last generation drone couldn’t be a more thoughtful choice. Technologically advanced, the embedded camera is easy to use, intuitive, and fun.

Buy it here.

7. Frida Kahlo Figurine

Price: €30

This figurine is the sweetest tribute to the Mexican painter best known for her uncompromising and brilliantly coloured self-portraits. A perfect tabletop for home or office, it comes with plenty of add ons and facts about her life.

Order online here and discover other artistic figures and out-of-the-box presents.

8. The Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné, Volume 1

Price: $495

For someone who enjoys the work of Andy Warhol, this catalogue consists of over 1,500 works produced by the artist between 1948 and 1987. Perfect for those with a flare for vintage, the book covers all awarded works from the Campbell Soup paintings, to iconic figures of Marilyn, Liz and Elvis, and early self-portraits.

The Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné, Volume 1

Get it here and make way for nostalgia.

9. Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha

Price: €37

Whether you’re behind or in front of the camera, did you ever wonder how to achieve the perfect pose on a photograph? Well, here’s a book that explores the movement and flexibility of the human body in-depth. It comprises 1,000 black and white photographs that showcase the unique collaboration between the supermodel Coco Rocha and photographer Steven Sebring. A perfect present for someone in the fashion world.

Purchase here and enjoy the discovery.

10. Masterclass — Makeup and Beauty by Bobbi Brown

Price: €100

Finding the perfect gift for beauty enthusiasts is sometimes easier said than done. In this Masterclass, the renown professional makeup artist Bobbi Brown talks about all the tips, tricks, and techniques for applying simple and natural makeup.

More information here.

11. Dior by Peter Lindbergh

Price: €150

They say good things come to those who are patient. So if you don’t mind the wait, this classic will hit the market in the next few days. In the legendary photographer’s final book project, there are showcased 70 years of history between DIOR and Peter Lindbergh and images that have never been published before.

11. Dior by Peter Lindbergh

Book it now, because everyone wants this one!

12. Popotin Ceramic Vase by Anissa Kermiche

Price: €74

People love to decorate their space in a manner that best suits their personality. In fact, the designer Anissa Kermiche’s came up with the piece as her personal way of celebrating womanhood. The ceramic vase couldn’t be a more suiting decorative piece for any woman. With multiple options of use, it can be used as a plant pot, vase, stationary holder or anything else.

Popotin Ceramic Vase

Get it here.

13. Hay Design Analog Clock

Price: starting at €99

Inspired by the classic barometer, Shane Schneck’s Analog clock acts as a timeless gift. With the focus on the three-dimensional tangibility of the analog, you can amaze your friends with a bold yet simple statement design to enhance their decor.

Find a dealership here.

14. Lumio Book Lamp

Price: €229

For friends and relatives who decorate their homes with various lights and lamps, this book can be an easy yet highly creative present. When shut, the Lumio lamp dissimulates as a hardcover perfectly lasercut wood book. However, when opened, it transforms into a high-performing LED lamp.

Lumio Book Lamp

Order here.

15. Kirigami Building Models based on Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings

Price: €25

Recreating iconic buildings of one of America’s most popular architects and designers, Frank Lloyd Wright, can be fun even if you’re not an architecture expert. With this Kirigami set, you can join your friends in recreating 14 of his buildings in an entertaining cutting and folding activity. A different yet perfect gift for lovers of craft and architecture this Christmas.

Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models

Get it now, here.

16. Hand Embroidered Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rug

Price: €650

Made with love and authenticity in Mrirt, in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, this hand-knotted rug shows the true essence of craftsmanship and is the perfect addition to any home. Based on a painting by Laurence Leenaert and naturally dyed with plant fibres, it will definitely elevate the vibe of every room.

Hand embroidered Rug - Haider

Get it here.

17. Geo vacuum Jug by Normann Copenhagen

Price: €67

The Geo Vacuum Jug is a great idea for gifting beautiful design without compromising on the functionality. The jugs keep the temperature of both hot and cold drinks constant over a long period and are a great decorative piece. themselves. Perfect for a unique design lover and a friendly budget.

Geo vacuum Jug

Order yours now here.

18. Traditional Houses by Note Design Studio

Price: €70

For someone who loves sprucing up their office in a minimalistic style, these boxes offer small storage spaces and double up as home decorative items. Created in Nepal and designed in Scandinavia, these boxes are crafted in colours of muted grey, blue, green and red tones, and are available in four different sizes.

Traditional Houses - Nesting Storage Boxes

Buy it here.

19. Miniature Y-Chair by Vitra

Price: €335

For more than 20 years, the Vitra Design Museum has been producing miniaturized furniture design milestones from its collection. The chairs are scaled down to one-sixth of their original size and represent the furniture design from the times of historicism and Art Nouveau to the present day.

The Y-Chair, part of the miniature collection, was designed by Hans J. Wegner — one of the pillars of traditional Danish furniture design. It’s perfect for those constantly looking for meaningful design objects and collectibles.

Miniature Y-Chair

Buy it here.

20. Bordallo Pinheiro Concave Leaf Plate

Price: €25

This rustic glazed earthenware comes in various cabbage and lettuce leaf-inspired shapes. Created by the famous Portuguese artist Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, this beautiful piece — traditionally used as a serving bowl — can be the ideal addition to any tableware set or a fresh and vibrant decoration piece.

Get it here.

We hope you won’t have to shop ’till you drop this year thanks to Cherrydeck‘s Christmas Gift Guide. We’re on a countdown until the big day and time is going by quickly! Whether you’re a street, mall, or screen shopper, start picking your Christmas presents and let us know your choices in the comments below.

Happy shopping and… Merry Christmas! ??

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