We will guide you through everything you need to know on how to use your custom Content Library on the Cherrydeck platform.

In this guide we cover:

  1. Accessing your Brief Dashboard
  2. Seeing your project’s selected creatives
  3. Receiving Shipping Information
  4. Using your Workspace
  5. Exploring Galleries
  6. Reviewing and purchasing your shopping cart
  7. Accessing your purchased items

1. Access your Brief Dashboard

Go through our brief submission process and share your photography project with us.

Once you submit your brief, you can see it in the Brief Dashboard in your profile. There you can also create new briefs.

Your project will be ‘In Review‘ until we post a job on our Jobs & Opportunities page. 

2. See selected creatives

You will be notified once the Cherrydeck team has carefully reviewed and selected the creatives for your project.

You can see our selection in your dashboard by clicking on ‘See Creatives‘.

Access your selected creatives’ addresses by clicking on ‘See Creatives’

3. Receive Shipping information 

By clicking on ‘See Creatives‘ you’ll be able to see their shipping addresses as well.

Use the addresses displayed to send the products that need to be shot.

After you shipped your desired products, click “Mark as Shipped” to notify our team. The button will then display ‘Shipped‘. Consequently, we will notify you when the selected creatives have received your products.

Please note: You will be getting reminder emails from us until your products are marked as shipped!

3. Access your Workspace

Once creatives have received your products, they will shoot them in a timely manner, and according to your brief and guidelines. Sit back and relax while your content is being prepared!

If you see the ‘Workspace‘ button in your Brief Dashboard, it means that your content is ready.

Don’t worry, we will notify you via email as well!

When your content is ready, you’ll be able to access your ‘Workspace’ from the Brief Dashboard

4. Explore your Galleries

In your Workspace, you’ll be able to see the shared galleries from the photographers assigned to your project.

You can select which Gallery to see and filter by quality, type, or models as you wish!

Use the navigation bar to move between galleries, and sort all the content provided.

View the results in full-screen mode, label them, and add them to your cart as you wish!

4. Review items in your shopping cart

Review your shopping cart to see the prices for your selected photos and/or videos. Make sure your selection of items is correct before downloading.

Once the decision is made, click on the checkbox ‘Approve Download’ to purchase and download the selected photos and videos without a watermark. 

Click on the ‘Approve download’ checkbox to purchase your items.

5. Access Purchased Items

You can see your downloaded items in the Purchased gallery.

Of course, you can always come back to your content library galleries to purchase more items you like!

This is the end of the guide. Ready to use your custom content library? Submit a brief to get started!

If you have further questions, kindly contact us so our team can assist you.

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