We will guide you through everything you need to know on how to use Cherrydeck’s Content Library when working on different client projects.

In this guide we cover:

  1. Accessing Projects
  2. Accepting Jobs
  3. Entering shipping information
  4. Getting started with Projects
  5. Uploading photos and videos
  6. Tagging photos with or without models
  7. Selecting video types
  8. Uploading Contracts
  9. Sharing your Galleries

1. Access Projects section

From our Jobs & Opportunities page, you are able to apply to our different clients’ projects.

If you were successfully selected for a project, you’ll find the Projects section on the menu tab (top right of your window) from your Cherrydeck profile.

Welcome to your Projects!

2. Accept the job 

When you get assigned to a project, you’ll be notified via email as well.

Carefully take a look at the briefing and see if the timing (i.e deadline) and requirements fit your schedule and availability. 

Accept the job by clicking on ‘Accept Work‘ or decline accordingly.

Declining a project won’t affect your eligibility for future projects. We prefer a decline over neglected work!

3. Enter shipping information

Once you have accepted the job, you will be asked to provide your shipping information to receive the products for the shooting. 

You must complete this step within 24 hours to proceed with the job.

Get started with the project

You can start shooting as soon as you receive the products!

Remember that the more you follow the client’s brief, the more your photos and/or videos are likely to be purchased.

Note that some clients require their products to be sent back, therefore, be careful with handling!

4. Upload photos and videos

When you have all the content ready, you can proceed to upload it to the assigned Project by clicking on the ‘Upload new photos and videos‘ block.

5. Tag your photos

As soon as you upload your photos, you must tag photos featuring models.

This will not only allow your payments to be processed accordingly but also allow the client to filter images properly. Therefore, make sure you correctly tag your photos.

Click on the ‘Finish Tagging‘ button to save your selection.

6. Select video types

When uploading videos, you should choose the type of video content you are uploading. This way, your payments can be processed correctly.

Select the video type accordingly and finish uploading by clicking on the ‘Upload‘ button.

7. Upload contracts

To move forward and share the photos and videos with the client, we need you to upload the seller agreement and/or model release (if applicable).

You can download the templates directly from the platform. Fill and sign them, and then upload them to this section. 

8. Share Galleries

Review your galleries before sharing. Then, select the galleries you want to share and click on the ‘Share‘ button.

This is the end of the Content Library Guide for creatives. If you are having trouble using the content library, kindly contact us.

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