The photo series by Debora Masetti, “Covered in Glitter,” embraces the urge for accessible beauty for any gender and background, while it encourages openness to unexpected inspiration.

Emerging Italian photographer, Debora Masetti, found her passion for the arts through her grandmother. A tailor for the Opera House in Bologna, Debora’s grandmother often shared her love for fabrics, lights and performances. Through her, Debora learned about the art of finding inspiration, and the importance it can have on the work you produce.

Eight years ago, Debora began to study photography — her enrolment being the moment in which she persistently adapted photography as a part of her life.

One day on set, Debora got inspired by the lights and sparkles reflecting from a makeup artist’s bag, and came up with “Covered in Glitter.” Soon, the idea was sparked to use the concept of glitter and reflections in her own project.

The series portrays different types of beauty and genders through the application of crystals and glitter.

the art of finding inspiration
the art of finding inspiration

Meeting new people and new faces is like learning different stories.

Debora Masetti
the art of finding inspiration
the art of finding inspiration

The intent behind the photo series is to share the message that glitter and the artistry behind makeup should be accessible to everyone, as it is non other than an art-form. In addition, with “Covered in Glitter” Masetti hopes to spread the idea that not everything has to be planned and encourages creators to be open to finding inspiration all over.

For the project, Debora worked with makeup artist, Federica Valtolina, and assistant makeup artist, Oleksandra Khomenko.

Debora Masetti is an Italian fashion and lifestyle photographer based in London, UK. Originally from Bologna, Italy, she moved to London after receiving a Bachelor in History of Fashion. Debora is currently working in fashion advertising, marketing, and entertainment portraits.

To see more of Debora’s work, visit her Cherrydeck profile or her website, here. To see more photography that encourages inspiration in unconventional ways, have a look at “Skin Deep” by Klara Fowler. ?

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