The most beautiful thing is a person’s selfless, sacrificial, and service hearted nature. “Dance Dads” is Filip Gierlinski‘s endeavour to do his bit for humanity and aid the Cancer Research in the UK.

To generate both awareness and funds for the Cancer Research in the United Kingdom, Filip Gierlinski created a unique calendar involving the fathers of the Joco Dance and Theatre Arts students in Surrey, England.

Through this photo series, Filip found an innovative and somewhat amusing approach to generate funds for the necessary cancer investigations.

The parents and a barman from the Ashtead Squash Club came together on a Sunday in November 2019 for the photoshoot and were asked to shed away their regular avatars.

Compassionate, these Joco Dads — as they were called — dressed up as dancers and struttingly posed for the shoot of their lives. With the help of Surrey Arts Wardrobe and Gladstone Design, Gierlinski‘s “Dance Dads” raised about £2051 in donations.

Joco Dance Dads - January
Joco Dance Dads - February
Joco Dance Dads - March
Joco Dance Dads - April
Joco Dance Dads - May
Joco Dance Dads - June
Joco Dance Dads - July
Joco Dance Dads - A Photo Series - Cherrydeck
Joco Dance Dads - September
Joco Dance Dads - A Photo Series - Cherrydeck
Joco Dance Dads - November
Joco Dance Dads - December

Filip Gierlinski is a London based photographer, who works with corporate and commercial clients, producing both editorial and portrait photography.  A believer in giving utmost importance to creativity and delivering above expectations, Filip has worked on a wide range of projects across geographies.

To see more of Filip’s work, visit his Cherrydeck profile or his website, here. If you also wish to donate to the Cancer Research Institute, do it here. For more inspiration, have a look at the project ‘Entities’, where our member Gabriel Isak approaches mental health through photography. ?

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