With the mindset that dialogue can only exist if we listen to others, Leon Spanier is sharing the exalting experiences of many and shaping our day-to-day life. Through the form of short movies, Leon is able to share his passion for people and their stories.

In 2018, Leon Spanier launched a series of vlogs entitled “Do You Know?“. Much like the name of the project indicates, the intent is to share inspiring stories by those that are interviewed. With the belief that every person has their own story to tell, Leon has been travelling the world to help spread the feelings and life-changing experiences of those he encounters.

The goal of “Do You Know?” is to convey unique stories and empowering messages from the people to the viewers. The community that Leon has created acts as a safe space in which stories and learnings can be shared. The idea of providing a greater stage is the driving force behind the motive of the project.

In “Cycling Against Cancer” (video above), Leon shows Mili’s journey post his diagnosis of lymph node cancer. Passionate about raising awareness and money for children living with cancer in both Germany and Croatia, Mili is planning a journey in which he will ride his bike over 1500km with his friend Marko. Approaching the trip with happiness and positive energy, Mili hopes to motivate other people which have faced, or are currently facing a cancer diagnosis.

In “Fence & Dance”, Leon travelled to Budapest, Hungary to interview Maria and share her journey with fencing and dancing. Having originally started fencing because of her dad, Maria quickly noticed the rhythm formed through the movements of the actions and reactions in fencing. This rhythm that fencing creates inspired Maria to take up dancing. She describes the best part of both sport types as the feeling of belonging to something.

26-year-old Frankfurt based videographer, Leon Spanier, started longing for creative outlets at a young age. At the age of 10, his idol at the time, Elvis Presley, inspired him to learn how to play the guitar. Little did he know that this hobby would act as a gateway for his carer. Leon became involved in filmmaking by creating YouTube videos of himself playing the guitar. Infatuated by the ability to capture and share a moment in time, Leon’s passion for filmmaking soon became his reality.

To see more of Leon’s work, visit his Cherrydeck profile or his website, here. To read more inspiring stories, have a look at “The Formation of Hope in the Emerald Triangle” by Margherita Loba Amadio or “Reflecting Hope on the Tragic Events in Beirut” by Tareck Raffoul. ?

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