Last month, Alpro released a new campaign prompting consumers to “eating their way to a better planet.” Get to know the humorous ad below.

Alpro is a well-known Belgian-born brand producing plant-based food products. Their product range goes from plant-based milk to ice cream and yoghurt. In March, Alpro released a new ad created in collaboration with the brand and customer experience agency VMLY&R entitled “Eat your way to a better planet.”

Through the 30-second video, the brand showcases several situations where having a sustainable behaviour seems to be more of a hassle than anything else. But after the first scenes, Alpro reveals that saving the planet can actually be fun — and taste good!

The headline for this advertisement — “Eat your way to a better planet” — implies every little step counts to prevent global warming and eating plant-based products is one of them.

The campaign follows Alpro’s new five-year Health and Sustainability Pledge: “Feeding the Future With Plants.” A plan that highlights the brand’s commitment for sustainability and especially towards changing the world’s eating habits.

Among many initiatives, it also includes concrete actions towards regenerative agriculture based on biodiversity and culture.

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