Eva Milkonskaya is a photographer based in Kazan, Russia. We spoke with Eva about her emotional photography style, creative vision, and the preparation of a shoot.

Eva Milkonskaya is a photographer and art director born in Russia. Holding a degree in psychology, Eva’s photographs beautifully give shape to various emotions. While the moments she captures are minimal, a certain complexity and depth is perceived.

Her photographs seek to communicate the complexity of the human soul, by placing the body in the role of the protagonist.

How did you get into photography?

At the age of 13, I went to a photography class with a friend. After visiting the circle, my interest in photography increased and I continued to do it.

You seem to have a very well-defined style of photography that combines nude women with moody tones. Why did you decide to focus on this type of photography?

I don’t choose a specific theme or a specific style, I just shoot what I find interesting and aesthetic. I don’t think my photos are only nude women with dark tones, that’s not true. However, nude photos really do predominate in my portfolio.

Eva Milkonskaya
Is there any artist or photographer that inspires your creative vision?

I don’t think there are any specific authors or artists that inspire me right now. But I am fascinated by the works of such modern authors as Alessio Albi and Rob Woodcox.

I can list a lot of cool modern photographers whose work I follow from time to time, but it will be a long list.

What was your favourite project so far, and why?

It is always very difficult for me to single out a specific project of my own. Today it’s shooting on the sand with 11 models, but if you ask in a year I will probably prefer another shooting. 

Eva Milkonskaya
The 11 models shoot by Eva Milkonskaya via Instagram
Eva Milkonskaya
The 11 models shoot by Eva Milkonskaya via Instagram
The 11 models shoot by Eva Milkonskaya via Instagram
How much preparation do you putt into taking a photograph?

There are of course improvisational shootings, but more often I think about the idea, select models, and location. Sometimes it takes longer than you’d like.

Such shootings as the one discussed above require special preparation. It takes a lot of time just to choose one day for shooting that will suit everyone! I had been preparing this project for about a year just because the idea was ready, sketches were made, but I could not find a suitable location.

Therefore, the idea was waiting for its implementation until the location was found. Sometimes I come up with something in a specific location and the very next day I go there to shoot one of my models.

Do you also work in commercial photography? Or do you have a solid base of clients that purchase your fine art?

I’m engaged in commercial photography, but mostly so far these are private rare orders since my main type of earnings is online courses in photo processing.

I also plan to sell prints in the future.

What is your advice to someone who is looking to follow in your footsteps?

I recommend not to go only into commerce but to shoot more creatively so that photography continues to bring pleasure.

Otherwise, it will become routine and you will often lose inspiration.

What is your motto these days?

I don’t have a motto.

Eva Milkonskaya is a fashion and beauty, and fine arts photographer based in Kazan, Russia. She finds her unique photography style through shooting what she finds interesting and aesthetic! Check out her Cherrydeck profile and Instagram.

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