Happy International Women’s Day! Today, in celebration of women worldwide we would like to honour some of the most influential female photographers to date.

Today, the Cherrydeck Editorial Team would like to take a moment and recognise the most influential female photographers to date. Showcasing 7 female photographers you should know and taking a look at their artistic talents that have shaped the creative landscape.

Happy International Women’s Day — Enjoy!

Annie Leibovitz (1949-)

Having turned her hobby into a career, Annie Leibovitz is a famous female portrait photographer. She is best known for her portrait work of celebrities and the intimate poses and atmosphere she captures. Besides taking photos of renowned celebrities, Annie Leibovitz is known for being the official portrait photographer of Queen Elizabeth in 2007 and for capturing the famous image of John Lennon and Yoko Ono for Rolling Stones in 1970.

Take a look at some of her work below.

Barbara Kruger (1945-)

Barbara Kruger is an American conceptual artist known for her bold work through the combination of materials with words in order to make an impactful statement about social issues such as politics or feminism.

Her use of red text blocks in the combination with black and white photography allows for a lasting impression.

Take a look at some of her work below.

Imogen Cunningham (1883-1976)

Known for her botanical photography, Imogen Cunningham is a highly recognised photographer due to her attention to detail portrayed throughout her intimate portraits and still life images.

She carries her legacy and is nicknamed the “Grandmother of photography” due to her role in popularising the art form in its early years. Alongside botanical photography, Imogen Cunningham has also photographed Frida Kahlo.

See the images she captured below.

Dorothea Lange (1895-1965)

Dorothy Lange helped draw the public’s attention towards the human devastation happening at the time through her photography based on the Great Depression.

Her career spanned over four decades and she is especially known for the image “Migrant Mother”, presented below (right).

Take a look at her photographs below.

Diane Arbus (1923-1971)

In the 1950s, after a career in commercial photography, Diane Arbus started wandering the streets of New York aiming to document the city through its people. Best known for her unrelenting photographs of people on the edge of society, she presented questions of identities.

Believing that a photograph is a secret about a secret, Diane Arbus often captured transgender or mentally ill people, as well as circus performers.

Take a look at her work below.

Cindy Sherman (1954-)

Widely recognized as one of the most influential pioneers in contemporary art, Cindy Sherman is best known for her self-portraits which comment on the disguise that people wear. Typically showcasing herself in series, Cindy Sherman has been presenting herself in her photography for 30 years, typically altering the appearance of the appearance through makeup, prosthetics, and wardrobe choices.

Christina Broom (1862-1939)

Considered Britain’s first female press photographer, Christina Broom came to photography after her husband was unable to work. Initially thinking she could take photographs to sell into postcards, her plans changed when she discovered her love for art.

Quickly thereafter, in 1914, Christina Broom began taking photos of soldiers which she sold to British magazines and newspapers. Additional to this, she has taken photos of the King and Prince of Wales.

Take a look at her work.

Do you think we missed an influential female photographer? Let us know in the comments below!

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