With outstanding female talent in our community, today we present 12 female videographers you should know, and that you can work with!

While video content keeps increasing in popularity, video production appears to be a mostly male dominated scene. Today, we would like to highlight some of the amazing female videographers on Cherrydeck.

Whether a fashion campaign, a documentary, or a product commercial, videographers have the outstanding ability of telling a story through their work. Video formats can speak to the emotional side of the viewer sometimes better than an image in itself.

Take a look at some of such examples and the talented female videographers behind them. Enjoy!

Julie March

Munich-based creative, Julie has been working in the industry for the past 7 years, with a focus on fashion and beauty. Not only is she able to portray captivating emotions in her photography, but she also has a way of capturing beautiful moments through video content.

Teresa Freitas

Teresa is a videographer and photographer based in Lisbon. She enjoys traveling, creating creative content, and places a great focus on experimenting with color. This playful approach helps her portray her subjects in a calm and happy light.

She has worked with brands such as American Express, Chloé, Dior, Montblanc, and Polaroid — amongst others. Take a look at her stop motion Polaroid campaign below.

Alessandra Huynh

Paris-based photographer and videographer, Alessandra focuses her work around capturing documentary, beauty, and lifestyle moments. Take a look at how she captured a behind-the-scenes moment, below.

Zhenya Savina

Originally from Russia, Zhenya is a freelance photographer and videographer who focuses her work on shooting people and places. Often times shooting content for brands, her work has been featured in National Geographic, Vogue Brides, amongst others. In addition, she has worked with Mercedes Benz and the insurance agency, mhplus.

Take a look at the work she produced for mhplus below, or read more about it here.

Caroline Pusset

Caroline is a photographer, videographer, and art director based in Paris. Besides her keen eye for photographing advertising campaigns, she often assists in video campaigns. Take a look at how she helped bring together Lancôme’s newest project “Voices,” which celebrates women and diversity, below.

Sílvia Rocchino

Based in Paris, Sílvia seeks to awaken awareness around the moments she captures. Aiming to uncover hidden beauty, her photographs and videos incorporate textures, movements, and colors.

The documentary-style video below, which she co-directed and produced shows the unique art of connection between humans.

Jill Bettendorff

Award-winning photographer, Jill focuses on capturing fashion, lifestyle, and product moments. Not only is she talented in capturing beautiful moments in a digital format, but also on film. Working as an art director and set designer for her own shoots, Jill has a great eye for detail and capturing minimal moments.

Anna Helm

Anna is a Düsseldorf-based visual artist who mainly focuses on fashion photography and film. She studied graphic design with the main focus on photography and videography and has since worked with countless brands and magazines. Some of which include, NAKD Fashion, Galeria Kaufhof, and Unique — amongst others.

Kyoungmin Ryu

Based in London, Kyoungmin is a creative professional that looks to produce both still and moving images. Passionate about working with other talented artists, she is passionate about putting together magical teams, that can realize unique visions.

Inge Prins

Inge is a Cape Town-based creative who specializes in product photography. Known for her attention to detail, both her photography as well as her videography work reflect her vision and strive. Take a look at how she brought still-life moments to life, below.

Irina Rekels

Yakutsk-born, Irina Rekels is a videographer, DOP, editor, and director based in Milan, Italy with over 6 years of experience. She specializes in Fashion & Beauty, and events. She has worked with brands such as: Bulgari, Fendi, Tiffany&Co, Prada, Charles&Keith, Estée Lauder, GQ, Vogue, Elle, Schon, L’Officiel and others.

Mica Tyler

Mica is an Uruguayan videographer and director based in Madrid, Spain. With more than 10 years in the cinematographic industry, she has experience working in movie and commercial productions of different scopes.

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