Paperlike overcame its funding goals through a crowdfunding video on Kickstarter.

Paperlike is an iPad screen protector that gives the device a paper feel. Jan Sapper founded the company as an attempt to solve his own frustration when writing on an iPad. The product saw rapid growth and is now appreciated by designers, artists, and business professionals.


Paperlike was in need of a videographer to capture their newest iPad screen surface in a crowdfunding video.

For the launch of the product, Paperlike wanted to present itself on the platform Kickstarter. Because competition is fierce, they were in need of a quality video that convinced people to support the project.

The goal was to shoot an interview-style short piece, which featured the founder Jan introducing Paperlike.

 Paperlike Overcame its Funding Goals

The approach

Not wanting to rely on the “friend of a friend” network, Paperlike’s founder and CEO turned to Cherrydeck.

The platform allowed him to deliver his requirements, outline the description of the project, and easily compare the styles of countless videographers. By evaluating the different visual styles, Jan was able to see what creative professional would fit best for the job.

How did it work?

Fabian Schmidt was the videographer chosen by Paperlike to shoot their crowdfunding campaign.

Fabian became aware of the job opportunity on Cherrydeck’s Newsletter and knew that he had to apply. The application process only took a few simple steps. After submitting his portfolio and a summary of his background, he was informed that he was selected.

He was in charge of producing the content, which required him to capture different people using the product and animations. From the application process to the final result, the assignment took between 4 to 6 weeks.

Main takeaways

By collaborating with Cherrydeck, Paperlike was able to shortlist talent and find the best videographer to capture their crowdfunding video.

Paperlike’s initial goal was to raise 5.000€, however, the video ended up collecting 282,000€ in just 4 weeks.

The brand was able to benefit from the videographer’s knowledge, his skills in working with models, and his ability to produce a high-quality piece that reflected the brand’s image and product.

 Paperlike Overcame its Funding Goals

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