With video driving more engagement than images, are clients starting to shift their content requests? Today we ask this and other questions to Anthony Ornecq and talk about his experience with fashion productions.

While fashion photography is known to bring the style that would otherwise be reserved for ‘haute couture’ to a wide range of audiences, it might still be limited in its form. At a point where estimations suggest that by 2021 the global internet traffic from videos will make up 82% of all consumer traffic, it’s no surprise that brands start shifting their content requirements and editorial needs.

Collaborating regularly with models, model agencies and fashion brands, the French photographer and filmmaker Anthony Ornecq assures video has become increasingly important and even new formats have emerged from the combination of both still and moving image.

It all depends on the story or message you want to share with your audience. Video is almost like the title of a photograph. Like a heading, it gives more clarity to your main subject.

Anthony Ornecq

Today we speak with the artist about his experience, the latest trends in content production within the fashion industry and key pieces of advice.

Talking about Fashion with Anthony Ornecq
Portrait of Agathe by Anthony Ornecq

Could you first introduce yourself. Who’s Anthony?

I’m a french filmmaker and photographer travelling around the world thanks to my passion. I began my adventure about 10 years ago as an editor for Cartier L’odyssée at an audiovisual production company. This project gave me the push in the right direction and opportunities to work on many projects in luxury, fashion, and beauty.

I am deeply in love with photography that mainly revolves around fashion, portrait, beauty, aspirational feelings and mystery.

How did you get involved with film making?

One lucky day, a producer and director saw some of my work and decided to trust me. That’s how 7 years ago, my journey with Elite Model Look International started. The roller coaster hasn’t stopped since.

Elite Model Look Campaign 2019 by Anthony Ornecq

How did photography come into play?

As a filmmaker, I started playing around with photography as an experiment. In my spare time, I would shoot some portraits of the models with whom I was working with for the fashion editorial campaigns. I started posting these photos on my Instagram account, blinkcut, and soon I realised I had more than 10K followers. Instagram opened a new door of opportunities for me.

Why fashion photography?

I was already involved with the fashion industry due to my work as a filmmaker. At the same time, I realised that I enjoyed fashion photography. I believe my clients saw my love for it and also liked my style and way of working. Thus the journey began 🙂

Many studies have been revealing video content is preferred to image content. Do you feel any shift in your client requests?

Yes, I sure do. In photography, a new technical style is getting popular known as ‘Cinemagraph’. In the end, it all depends on the story or message you want to share with your audience. Video is almost like the title of a photograph. Like a heading, it gives more clarity to your main subject. It beautifully expresses an emotion, attitude, atmosphere and even a mystery. 

Today, most of my clients ask me to choose some keyframes in the film, that they could summarise the movie with. It’s an easier way to show the evolution of the movie. They then use these, in various forms such as a video thumbnail, press documents, carrousel, ad teaser etc.

Elite Model Look Campaign 2018 by Anthony Ornecq
Elite Campaign 2017 by Anthony Ornecq

Is the process of working with models different when it comes to producing a film or a still image?

I think it’s similar in a lot of ways, especially the relationship you build with your models.

One major difference which photographers and filmmakers need to remember is that in a film, retouching is more expensive. It’s not as easy as using Photoshop on a frame. You have to use software like flame, flint, track, rotoscope etc. for the desired effect. Therefore, the focus on makeup and hair has to be more detailed.

Other than that, as long as you, your model, and your client are on the same page, wonderful surprises can come your way.

Do you have a preference between one or the other?

I love seeing my work come alive, be it photography or film making.

Reality strikes at different times too. In photography that happens during the colour grading. In filmmaking, it happens while editing. It isn’t easy choosing between these two.

How do you communicate with models in order to obtain a candid outcome?

Building a relationship with the artist is important. I would say the key to a good outcome is communication.

Elite Model Look 2019 film by Anthony Ornecq

What are your tips for other photographers looking to have a start in the fashion industry?

Create a portfolio. If you can’t make a physical one, use Instagram as your portfolio. Invest time and effort in doing this, as future clients will be able to see your depth and reach with it.

Shoot your version of a brand in the form of an advertisement and tag the brand in it. Sometimes, you might have to do shoots for free, do it! It may be the envelope to negotiate for a bigger project in the future.

More importantly, learn to talk about and promote yourself. A lot of talented people aren’t able to hit the bullseye as they were unable to establish a human relationship with others.

Anothony Ornecq

What is your dream collaboration?

A Netflix series about a secret project that I have in mind for a long time now, but Shh…! it’s a secret!

To see more of Anthonys’ work visit his Cherrydeck profile or his website, here. For more interviews with talented members in the fashion field, have a look at our blog. ?

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