You ask, we deliver. Explore and get inspired with the ultimate food photography trends you must try this 2024.

Food photography is an art. Colors, texture, and composition matter to make your photographs drool-worthy. Indeed, you have to make sure your food (or food products) look as visually appealing and delicious as possible to drive sales.

If you are tired of the same images, struggling to make your customers hungry, or you simply want some inspiration, then, keep reading to check out the latest food photography trends.

Still Life

Traditional or contemporary – these stunning compositions surely are eye-catchers anywhere you put them.

Isometric pattern

Whether you use photoshop or arrange the food items yourself, this food photography trend is a must. Try them on banners, stories, etc.

Styled Tables

Your products on a beautifully arranged table never gets old. Lately, we have seen this trend looking more like the typical ‘waiting for your friend to take a picture of the food’ type of styling – definitely a more natural look.

Hand in shots

A classic that’s not talked about enough, making its comeback to your social media feed.

Color Blocking

Try color blocking as your background. If done right, you direct your viewer directly to your food instead of creating a distraction.


Applicable for all products you can think of, and very popular for the gram.


Nothing more pleasing to the eye and soul than a monochromatic composition that enhances your food.


Less is more, they say. Minimal compositions can surely say a thousand words, and work amazing with fruits – but also with tiny entrées or dishes like dumplings, churros, etc.

Mouthwatering close ups

Not a better food tease than a high-quality close up of your decadent food. You’ll have people craving what you offer.

Hot mess

Instead of an isometric pattern, opt for something more messy looking – yet nice to the eye. Play around with ingredients and shapes.

Get Creative!

You can’t never go wrong with a creative approach to your food photographs. But remember, always keep your brand’s photography guidelines in mind.

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Let’s Sum It Up

The food photography trends you should keep an eye on this 2024 are:

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