Photographing hair products is all about style and glamour. Your product images need to convey quality, sophistication, and professionalism.

While you can try to capture your hair products using a smartphone, professional hair product photography will give you the impact you need to get new clients and drive online sales.

A world of glamour

Great hair takes work and attention, and so does presenting your hair care products in a way that appeals to your audiences.

Your suppliers invest heavily in branding and design, and your hair product photographs need to make that work for you by capturing accurate colors and rich textures. 

Consistency and cohesion

If your hair product e-commerce site features a mish-mash of product photographs using different angles, lighting, exposure levels, and variable depth of field, your visitors will not be impressed.

Consistency is key and a professional product photographer can ensure uniform presentation, lighting, and product position to create a cohesive look and feel across your entire product range.

This includes using specialized equipment to remove blurring, reduce glare and capture images that can be cropped and edited to fulfill a variety of purposes on your online store.

Leave it to the product photography experts

You can take the hassle out of product photography at Cherrydeck. Browse our community to find product photographers with portfolios that speak to you or put together a brief for our photographers to bid on.

For the ultimate convenience, you can use Cherrydeck Branded Stock™ service

Simply send us your products and we’ll have them photographed by a professional product photographer, then provide with you a stock library within 3 weeks. Best of all you’ll only pay for images you use.

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