Moving alone to an entirely different country with other cultures, weather and landscapes is not a thing for everyone. It definitely requires an adventurous soul and an open mind. That is precisely what one of our talented members from the Cherrydeck community did recently.

Nick Kahr decided to move to Iceland from Sweden for 4 months to seek a greater sense of adventure. So far, it has been a month and he has had many fulfilling experiences and seen wonders to the eye.

Today, he shares more about his experience living in Iceland as a solo traveler and photographer.

The Land of Fire and Ice

At the beginning of his trip, Nick had decided to leave his traditional ‘shy shell’ behind and work on being more open and actively talking to people. So far, this approach has worked amazingly for him in just one month, allowing him to meet new people and open his eyes to the magic that lies in Iceland.

“It’s hard to explain but there is something here in this beautiful country that allows you to have incredible life adventures with amazing people.”

Nick Kahr

His unforgettable experiences go from sharing a beer under the northern lights to hiking throughout the night to visit and photograph an active volcano, and everything in between.

“I have shared a beer under the northern lights with a man thats traveled the world in a tent, a man that was full of stoic wisdom and at peace with life. We shared life stories while I photographed the spectacle above Reykjavik.”

Nick Kahr

During his journey, he has met an incredible array of photographers and travelers alike. He had the pleasure of meeting photographers he admired for years and sharing conversations with them that ultimately have helped him “shape his line of work and give it direction”.

” Iceland is a place where you can see a glacier, a volcano, and the northern lights on the same day. I can’t wait to meet and experience even more throughout my next 3 months here photographing this beautiful country.”

Nick Kahr

“This project is a photographic gift to Iceland, in exchange for the experiences this country has given me. I want to give back with glimpses of the peak moments I had here.”

Nick Kahr
Nick Kahr photographs Iceland on his project 'The Land of Fire and Ice'

About Nick

Nicholas Patrick Kahr – also known as Nick Kahr – was born in Chile, but is half Swedish and Half Spanish, and grew up in between the US and Spain. He is a Travel & Landscape photographer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, but currently living in Reykjavík, Iceland.

He loves hikes, climbs, and adventures. Photography for him is a form of outdoor activity that keeps him exploring. Nick considers himself a “Commercial Adventure Photographer”.

Check out more on Nick’s work on his Cherrydeck Profile, Instagram, or website.

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