Client: Rosenthal

Outcome: Custom stock library with 502 on-brand photos

Duration: 22 days

Cherrydeck Branded Stock for Rosenthal

The assignment

Rosenthal is a German homeware brand that manufactures porcelain products and other household items. They needed images of their MESH plate collection for their social media content.

Consequently, they decided to try Cherrydeck Branded Stock for a time and cost-effective solution. Still life settings, table arrangements with a minimal yet sophisticated look, and different moods were requested.

The process

Firstly, the brand submitted a brief with their brand photography guidelines detailing what they needed and stating their do’s and don’ts.

Then, Cherrydeck was in charge of finding the right photographers for the job by posting the assignment on our platform. From a pool of applicants, three photographers were selected based on their level of expertise, aesthetic fit, and experience.

The next step for Rosenthal was to send out their MESH plates along with their matching glasses and cutlery to the addresses of the selected creatives. Afterward, they simply had to wait for results!

The results

Shortly after, the brand obtained a custom stock library with 500+ still life and product photos in different settings and on-brand moods.

The last step was for the brand to select and purchase their favorites. With Cherrydeck Branded Stock you only pay for the images you wish to use.

Both selected and non-selected images remained stored and accessible for one year in Rosenthal’s content library.

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Photography by Kathleen Pracht, Stepan Babanin and Florentina Olareanu.

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