When photographer and art director Julia-Rosa Reis thinks of style, constant evolving is the central theme.

Julia-Rosa Reis

Julia-Rosa Reis believes artists continue to grow their senses of style along with the set of skills they feel they need to develop over time. Her outlook on style owes much to her upbringing.

“I took pictures since I was five years old. Growing up with my parents giving me all creative freedom and tools to use – with my mom being an abstract artist, I basically lived in the art world, in an extremely creative environment, which I’m incredibly thankful for.”

“South Africa”
“Hippie Love – Venice Beach”

Her own work and life experiences also have strong influences on her artistic directions. “After evaluating and understanding more and more over the time who I want to become and who I’m evolving into gave me the possibility to see where simplicity wins.”, says Julia-Rosa Reis.

“I came to realize that it is not the nuances that make the image powerful, but the stories behind it. There lies the beauty within and the power of inspiration that it might give to others.”

“Tel Aviv”

When it comes to inspiration, for Julia each individual’s quests to find purpose in life for themselves are what motivated her the most.

“After all it is not known what purpose in life the human serves – but it is up to us to create that kind of purpose, for each person individually. — I’m very much inspired by what people that surround me have chosen to give their passion and time to in life.”

“New Zealand”

Julia-Rosa Reis has worked extensively with major brands and fashion media houses across the world. She holds a BA in Communications & Cultural Management from Zeppelin University. Julia-Rosa Reis also studied Screen Writing and Law & Society at the University of California, Irvine and Economics at the University of Economics in Vienna.

Right now Julia-Rosa Reis is based in Hamburg where her agency Karma & Konfetti is also located. These days she is busy traveling the world, capturing stories of people through her lenses. Check out her portfolio, her latest project – “Road Trip for Brands™ ”,  and her profile here. ?

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