When you’re selling cosmetics and makeup products online you need images that are both impactful and accurately capture colors and textures.

And in the competitive world of cosmetics marketing, every image on your website also needs to convey quality, style, and beauty to win over new clients and drive sales.

Colour matching essentials

People shopping online for cosmetics and makeup products have very specific color preferences and needs when it comes to items like lipsticks, foundation, or eyeliner.

If your product colors aren’t captured accurately by a skilled product photographer you could end up issuing refunds or putting customers off your store altogether. 

Cohesive branding

The way you present your products conveys a lot about your brand, and it is important to ensure all your products are captured in a consistent way.

Inconsistent lighting, depth of the field, or angles across your product images can make your website distracting and confusing instead of creating a reassuring sense of consistency and quality.

A professional product photographer will capture stylish yet consistent images of your cosmetic and makeup products, helping you to provide stable branding and a cohesive eCommerce shopping experience.

Leave it to the beauty photography experts

Cherrydeck allows you to take the hassle out of product photography for your cosmetics and makeup store.

Use our handy photographer search filters to tell us what you are looking for and we’ll connect you with talented professionals who can help bring your products to life.

Or try out Cherrydeck’s innovative Cherrydeck Branded Stock™ service. 

Send us your products and we’ll have them photographed by professionals, providing you with a stock library of images within three weeks. Best of all you’ll only pay for images you use.

Try out Cherrydeck Branded Stock™ now or have a look at all our services, here. To see previous jobs and collaborations with brands, have a look at our blog.

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