Nowadays, customers crave emotional connection and authenticity from brands. Therefore, every year we see an increase in representation and inclusion among brand campaigns for special days like Mother’s Day.

The idealized image of all stages of being a mother is now an obsolete approach to portray. This year we see more and more companies showcasing the reality of motherhood and the beauty of diversity among mothers around the world. Moreover, we see more inclusive messages for people who may not celebrate this day, or see it in a different light.

These days, mothers feel more empowered to expose their unspoken experiences with motherhood, challenge the commonly minimized challenges of being a mother, demand societal change, share their learning outcomes on stigmatized topics, and own their postpartum bodies with confidence. Hence, your campaigns should definitely align with that!

We present to you the best Mother’s Day campaigns of 2023!

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Pandora – To All The Mums

In a heartfelt campaign, featuring different mother and children moments, Pandora says thank you to all the mums who raised us, shaped us, and made us. Seamlessly, they remind you that Pandora is a great gift for mom’s on this special day!

“A mother’s love comes in so many forms. It’s not always about biology and it’s not always simple – but it is a pure, unconditional, indescribable connection.”

Orangetheory – Mother’s Other Day

After their U.S consumer study found that 54% of moms believe Mother’s Day is more stressful than an average Sunday, and 82% of moms shared that they’d enjoy their Mother’s Day celebration more if they had the next day for themselves, fitness brand Orangetheory took matters on their own hands.

They decided to name May 15th: Mother’s Other Day, and offer moms and mother figures a free class. So moms could spend at least 60 minutes of their day by and for themselves!

Grab – Good Gifts Take Time

Grab targeted the last-minute shoppers. On a hilarious skit where a mother wants a grandchild as a gift for Mother’s Day, grab reminds you that you can always turn to Grab for faster gifts, like… flowers!

Mothers’ Day – Dior

Taking the aesthetic route, Dior did not fail to deliver a fresh, calm, and gorgeous campaign for Mother’s Day. They captured beautiful moments between mothers and their children, sharing hobbies, exchanging gifts, and more.

This year, more brands are showcasing the reality of motherhood and the beauty of diversity among mothers around the world. Check them out!

Ikea Philippines – When I grow up I want to be…

When asked ‘Who do you want to be when you grow up?’ The answer is right there: Mom! Ikea Phillipines dedicated its campaign to all the mothers that inspire us everyday.

Nestle NIDO 3+ – See What Your Toddler Sees

Moms feel pressure to be perfect. With this ad, NIDO sends the message that it is here to support moms to help them see they’re #1 in the eyes of their toddler.

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The Best Mother’s Day Campaigns of 2022

Baby Dove – Acknowledging the hardships of Motherhood

After it was found that American mothers don’t feel society allows them to share how hard the first year of motherhood really is. The American skincare brand partnered up with Postpartum Support International to shed the light on the stigmatized hardships of motherhood.

Disputing the typically idealized picture of motherhood portrayed on social media, the brand encouraged mothers to share their untold postpartum moments and challenges under the hashtag #OneRealPressure.

See more, here.

Burger King – Targeting Pregnancy Cravings

It is no myth that pregnant women get serious food cravings for the weirdest mixes. Accordingly, Burger King Germany developed special Whopper combinations for pregnant women, such as cucumber and jam, beef and cake, olives and vanilla ice, fish sticks and applesauce, and more.

Check out the flavors and more, here.

Sephora – Inclusive Motherhood

This year, Sephora ‘celebrates all moms’. Their Mother’s day campaign centered around inclusivity and representation of who one may consider a ‘mother’. In a heartfelt ad, they showcased the wide array of mother figures, beyond biological motherhood and heteronormativity.

“Here’s to the adoptive moms, drag moms, mentor-moms, stepmoms, biological moms, pet moms, and more.”

Upwork – Hire a Working Mother

The Covid-19 pandemic took a toll on employment, including that of working Mothers. Under the slogan ‘What makes them a great mom also makes them a great hire’, Upwork urges businesses to re-hire mothers who were impacted. Consequently, under the hashtag #motherhoodworks, companies are able to welcome skilled moms to apply to their jobs.

Moreover, they offer resources for moms to connect with others and pursue skill certifications. Read more, here.

Mother's Day Campaigns 2022 - Cherrydeck

Victoria’s Secret – Real Love

In a heartfelt video, the brand interviewed famous moms and their children as they discussed motherhood and their relationships. Indeed, iconic celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Abby Champion, Lais Ribeiro, and more, make a lovely appearance while wearing the brand’s clothing items.

“No matter how you mom, how you were mothered, or how your narrative came to be, we’re excited to celebrate the multifaceted relationships that instill real love”

Samsung – Mother’s Night

Cleverly, the popular electronics company put their efforts into promoting their new Galaxy S22 by turning Mother’s Day into #MothersNight. Surprising mom with a lovely and unforgettable evening is the way to go. And capturing all the night’s special moments has never been easier than with the phone’s Nightography feature.

Read on, here.

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