We live in a world where many advancements and innovations arise on a day-to-day basis. However, we are often confronted with a strain on basic principles and rights. One of which is the racism against racism.

German photographer David Kossi is based in Munich and dealt with the fight against racism in his project Pantone Human. The photos produced were published at the online exhibition “Photo München.”

We all have asked for one at school, a “skin-coloured” pen. We all have used one, a skin-coloured plaster. And we all have never questioned it. 

David Kossi

The photo project Pantone Human is the mean by which David is drawing attention to the issue surrounding racism. While racism can be found in many ways, shapes, and forms, David placed his focus on the relation of racism with different skin colours. The project is his the way to urge the stop of racism and focus on what really matters.

In order to achieve the greatest affect, models of different origins, different skin tones, and different genders were portrayed. The models were photographed in portrait style through a transparent film.

the fight against racism

The unique feel of film gives the photos a certain edge and perspective. To achieve a vintage look on the photographs, David painted the border of the film in acrylic colours that corresponded to the skin tone of the models.

On the project, David also decided to avoid a flamboyant styling. Rather he wanted to portray the models in a nude look, to ensure that the audiences attention lie on the beauty and message of the models.

the fight against racism
the fight against racism

It is such a shame that you are unconsciously confronted with racism when you are a child. Let us change it.

David Kossi
david kossi pantone humane fight against racism
the fight against racism

David Kossi is a photographer based in Munich and the co-founder of the creative community coexist.collective. For him, life is all about creating and sharing joy and experiences — regardless of good or bad.

To see more of David’s work, visit his Cherrydeck profile or his website, here. To see more photography that protests racism, have a look at “Strange Fruit” by Silvia Rocchino. ?

The models presented are: VanessaChantelAmelia, AneliaYaredAlex, and Fabian, with makeup and hair styling by Ghalia and Fatima, respectively. The Jewelry was provided by Cocii Jewelry and Thatboii. Set Design and concepts was thought through by Peter Maxwell, along with production by coexist.collective.

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