One of the things that sets professionals and amateurs apart is how and how much they network! This week we connect four amazing photographers with top agencies in Germany in Cherrydeck’s Art Buyers Tour.

Networking can indeed make or break one’s creative career! This week, we invited four talented members to spend a day with us and showcase their portfolios to Hamburg’s top agencies and art buyers. This event is one of the Cherrydeck Opportunities and the idea is simple: we cover a part of the travel costs, organize the day, and accompany the photographers to meetings that could open the door for big campaign jobs.

After going through an overwhelmingly amount of applications, Inge Prins, Nick Rochowski, Pierre Châtel, and Ella Uzan were the final picks. And here’s a short recap of the day.

Networking, networking, networking! —Meeting the agencies

Kolle Rebbe, Jung von Matt, and Zum Goldenen Hirschen were the agencies we visited. The three are some of the most creative and successful agencies in Germany with a considerable international presence. Not surprisingly, their client lists are extensive and diverse. The brands they worked for include recognizable names such as Audi, Lufthansa, and Netflix. And they also provide support for start-ups and newcommers, such as Stop the Water.

The photographers had the chance to showcase their portfolio to different groups of Art Buyers and establish personal connections during each visit.

Connecting with local photographers

Besides the meetings with the agencies, at lunch, we took the time for some local food and connect the visiting members with other professional photographers in the area. Uta Gleiser, Florian Schüppel, Christian Bendel, Martin Bauendahl, and Katrin Schöning, joined us for the first Cherrydeck meeting, where London, Cape Town, Paris, Tel Aviv, and Hamburg sat at the same table.

About the selected photographers

Inge Prins | Cape Town

Inge is specialized in homeware, décor and interior architecture. Her editorial clients include Monocle, Wallpaper, WSJ and Forbes. She always strives to get things right in-camera and is known for her meticulous attention to detail —as well as her upbeat playlists, boundless energy, and the never-missing hat.

Her use of light and natural look were some of the most complimented elements.

Nick Rochowski | London

Nick shoots worldwide for creative agencies, design studios, architects, cultural institutions, and publishers. He is a graduate of The London College of Printing and regularly gives lectures and takes part in seminars at universities and creative forums.

His care for detail and precision combined with creative approaches in photographing regular objects were some of the elements praised by the art buyers.

Ella Uzan | Tel Aviv

Ella studied animation at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem for 4 years and started her career in photography straight after that. Her artwork has been displayed in several galleries around the world, fashion magazines, style websites, and inspirational blogs. Through the use of different combinations of light, colors, and classic manipulation techniques, her work showcases a very interesting mystic.

Her stylistic and artistic directions as well as the arrangement of models, and presentations of make ups and moods make make her work stand out from other photographers in her field.

Pierre Châtel | Paris

Pierre is a freelance architectural and fine art photographer, who works directly with owners, architects, and other professionals in exterior and interior architectural photography. His work has a strong focus on minimalism and his images are highly clean and clutter-free.

His interesting approach to buildings and creative distortion in a kaleidoscopic way definitely caught the attention of the agencies.

We would like to thank Inge, Nick, Ella, and Pierre, and everyone who participated in this tour. It was great to spend the day with you and exchange contacts and insights. We look forward to repeating the experience.

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