Five Cherrydeck photographers from five different German cities won our photography competition and had the Polestar 1 in front of their lens. The result: incredible captures from their unique (driving) experiences.

Five photographers on the go in five different cities. On their background: the unique view of Cologne from the Hohenzoller bridge, the history and charm of the Kieze in Berlin, or the amazing nature surrounding Munich.

Together with Polestar, we’ve selected 15 photographers from all over Germany to share their very personal impressions and favourite backgrounds of their own city. The companion on the mission: the Polestar 1. The electro-hybrid-sports-car with uncompromising technology and unbeatable autonomy.

The goal: bring together the individual style and creativity from the photographers with the minimalist design of Polestar. The results: incredible captures from their unique driving experiences.

Now that five winners were selected out of the shortlisted group, we are excited to share with you their experiences with the Polestar 1.

Thomas Wiuf Schwartz, Düsseldorf

Thomas Wiuf Schwartz is a German-Danish art director and photographer from Cologne. His work, in which passion and dedication can be found, reflects not only his love for photography, but also his minimalistic visual approach to shapes, shades, materials and objects.

For me, the Polestar 1 embodies everything that defines the Polestar brand: sporty, attention to detail and a clear, minimalist design.

It was a lot of fun to test the car myself and experience first hand how design and performance are brought together. I particularly liked the exterior design and I would have loved to keep the Polestar 1 for longer.

My conclusion: For me, it’s not just a bridge to electro-mobility, but a driving experience that sticks in my mind.

Thomas Wiuf Schwartz

Manuela Palmberger, Munich

Manuela is a photographer from Munich. Born and raised near the Garmisch-Patenkirchen, her love for the mountains and nature couldn’t be more rooted. Her goal is to show people that you don’t always have to travel far to see beautiful places and have adventures. And it is precisely this love for nature that she reflects in her photos.

In the past, a car was only there for me to get from A to B; for me it was simply an object of daily use. I never understood how you could spend that much money on a particular car just to get a few more horsepowers.

Now I understand it.

Manuela Palmberger

Matthias Heiderich, Berlin

Matthias Heiderich from Berlin, together with his colleague Marcel Wiest, brought the Polestar 1 to the Kiez in Berlin. His trademark: bright colors and contrasts. His rules: no rules. When taking photos, he doesn’t focus on current trends, but remains true to himself and his style — even with the Polestar 1 as a companion.

As part of the Polestar Cherrydeck Competition, I had the opportunity to test the Polestar 1 for a few days. Admittedly, I’m not a big car freak and didn’t know Polestar before. But after a little research, the car became quite interesting for me — hybrid engine, vegan interior, futuristic-sporty appearance.

When the car was brought to me, I was quite impressed. It was more majestic than expected — wider, more present, more expressive than what the pictures showed. Nevertheless, the Polestar also looks elegant and unobtrusive at the same time. And that’s exactly how the driving experience is.

Thanks to the hybrid engine, you glide silently on the road, despite all the sporty attributes there is no intrusive engine noise. Driving through Kreuzberg and Neukölln with the Polestar was quite entertaining. Car lovers know it, of course, and know how exclusive it is. Hence the astonished looks and the omnipresent question “Awesome, is that a Polestar?”

With the Polestar, you want to take to the big streets, cover long distances and play your techno playlists on the sound system. As a photographer, you are happy about a car that is not only functional and efficient, but also a design object that is damn photogenic in an urban context.

Matthias Heiderich

Matteo Sant’Unione, Cologne

The 28-year-old is not only a photographer and film producer from Cologne, but also the managing director of cineMars film production. His vision: move and inspire people with pictures. His trained eye for special perspectives is also evident in the pictures with the Polestar 1.

Because of my job, I’ve already driven a lot of different cars, but none of them has impressed me as the Polestar 1. The quietness while the car glides over the streets in combination with unbeatable sportiness and instant acceleration makes every drive an experience.

In addition, you can’t get enough of the design. Never before have I attracted so many eyes to a single car — from children to adults. Many came to us, asked which car it was, some drove alongside while filming.

I found it difficult to return the car — I would have liked to have it in front of my door every day!

Matteo Sant’Unione
Cherrydeck Polestar Photography Competition

Fabian Hübner, Hamburg

Fabian, who originally comes from the Schwarzwald, finds his greatest inspiration in nature. Climate protection and new technologies are therefore not only close to his heart, but in his blood. Whenever he’s looking for the next photo spot during his shoot, he uses Google Maps — one more reason to test the Polestar 1 with Google on board.

Driving the Polestar 1 was a special experience for me. Its wonderfully elegant aesthetic design, paired with contemporary drive technology, makes the car a real dream.

Polestar symbolises the future of mobility and I think the Polestar 1 embodies exactly that: the dawn of a new era of driving. Sustainability and performance are no longer mutually exclusive, but can even complement each other.

In addition, the elegant aesthetic design draws everyone’s attention. You just can’t get enough of it! That’s why it was difficult for me to return the car — I could have got used to having the Polestar 1 in front of the door even longer.

Fabian Hübner

Did you miss the Cherrydeck x Polestar photography competition? You can recap it here or watch our chat with Max Tolsdorff, from Polestar Germany, on why he chose such creative approach. Polestar has a full page dedicated to the competition as well, which you can visit here.

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