As surfing becomes an Olympic sport for the first time in history, Roxy recently launched a new campaign featuring their sponsored board athletes. The aim is to redefine the word “cute” associated with sportswomen.

As Roxy pointed out, women athletes need to be approachable, pretty, feminine, and only then… athletes. Their performance tends to be forgotten. So in its new campaign, Roxy wants to redefine the word “cute” — often associated with female sports professionals.

In collaboration with the agency FRED & FARID Los Angeles, Roxy “takes long-held perceptions of cute, and blows them wide open” in the “Welcome to the new cute” campaign.

Let’s make the new CUTE stronger, fresher, and more badass. #redefineCUTE


The campaign encompassed nine films. The main video is narrated by 2x Longboard World Champion Kelia Moniz, with appearances of 4x Surfing World Champion Lisa Andersen and Olympic Gold Medalists Chloe Kim and Torah Bright. Starting with traditional images of “cute,” the video quickly moves into the “new cute” showcasing images of sports performance.

In addition, Roxy has launched some videos focusing on the career of surfers Stephanie Gilmore and Caroline Marks with the title “Surf is changing because SHE is forcing it to change” under the hashtag #MakeWavesMoveMountains. Here, Roxy redefines the word “cute” by showing the behind-the-scenes of a career.

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