Many of us can’t resist the allure of an affordable, great looking pair of shoes. This has made shoes or footwear one of the most popular e-commerce markets on the web.

And because online shoe stores are so popular, you’re up against some stiff competition when you venture into this market.

In this context you need to make sure that your website stands apart from your competitors. The easiest way to accomplish this is to capture great product photographs of the shoes in your store.

If the shoe doesn’t fit

It may be tempting to cut costs and save time by attempting to photograph your shoes by yourself.

However, using a smartphone or digital camera can cause issues if you are inexperienced.

Your light levels, depth of field, image composition and shot angles can easily become jumbled, making your product range look haphazard and unprofessional.

Consistency is key to branding

A professional photographer can help you establish a uniform look and feel for your product photographs. That is essential to align them with your brand and add a layer of polish to your website.

Professionals also have the experience and skills to capture your products with a high degree of color accuracy. Then, they use image editing to ensure every product looks its best.

Shoes are a lifestyle

Website users don’t have the luxury of trying your shoes on to check the fit. This means it’s important to use models to highlight how great your shoes look when worn.

A professional photographer has the connections to help you find the right model and capture high quality lifestyle images that show your products in action. These images not only add another dimension to your website but can be used across all your online marketing channels.

Contact a professional

Cherrydeck is one the Internet’s biggest communities of professional photographers. It is purpose-built to help you find a pro to work on your product shoot.

You can filter and browse photographer portfolios and contact our photographers free of charge. You can also submit a brief to our community and have them pitch on your project.

If you’re looking for on-brand product images of footwear, Cherrydeck also offers its Branded StockTM service – which makes professional shoe product photography more accessible!

Simply send us your shoes, we’ll get them professionally photographed within 3 weeks and present you with a stock library of your products. Best of all – you only pay for the pictures you use. Explore our success stories!

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