Aimed at breaking the stigma surrounding tattoos, Klara Fowler decided to present the vulnerability in tattoos and the beauty that surrounds heavily tattooed men. The photo series, “Skin Deep”, is dedicated to overcoming the harsh opinions embedded in society.

Photographer Klara Fowler focuses mainly on portraiture and fine arts and finds pleasure in editorials and personal story-telling projects. Hoping to present the vulnerability in tattoos and the stories behind them, she has created the photo series “Skin Deep”.

With my photography I’d like to make my audience feel connected and engaged

Klara Fowler

“Skin Deep” is a series of portraits centred around heavily tattooed men, from all over Europe. Dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding tattoos, the project hopes to challenge the typical stereotypes society has towards tattooed people by showing them in a different light.

the vulnerability in tattoos
the vulnerability in tattoos

The photo series is aimed at reflecting the beauty, sensitivity and strength of the men photographed. Through her work, Klara hopes to share a level of connectedness and romanticise the subjects.

They are just as vulnerable, sensitive and beautiful as anyone else

Klara Fowler
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the vulnerability in tattoos

Klara perceives tattoos as a beautiful piece of living art that deserves to be seen. The photo series can be interpreted as a sort of ‘wakeup call’, urging people to listen to one’s stories before jumping to conclusions.

The images act as the first step to overcoming the mindset that heavily tattooed men are not good enough.

In addition, Klara credits the project as a wonderful journey and experience. It allowed her to get to know all the men who participated and help present their stories in a different light.

The photographer hopes to show the world that there is always a chance to break stereotypes. It is important to urge people to open their minds and hearts and see behind the initial glance.

the vulnerability in tattoos
the vulnerability in tattoos

Klara Fowler is a photographer, born and raised in Hungary. Currently living in Stockholm, she is constantly on the go – traveling throughout Europe and overseas. Driven by her interest in portraiture and fashion photography, she has developed a niche appreciation for the male physique.

To see more of Klara’s work, visit her Cherrydeck profile or her website, here. To see more photography that encourages unconventional beauty, have a look at “Falling into Place” by Chiara Bonetti, or “Stronger Together” by Emma Boonne. ?

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