Client: Perifit

Outcome: 498 images and 28 videos

Duration: 33 days

The assignment

Perifit is the revolutionary solution for pelvic healing and strength training, working to dismantle the taboo surrounding vagina health. Their medical device treats thousands of women worldwide.

They needed dynamic and relatable images and pedagogical videos of their product in use with real people. This visual content would be used for the brand’s paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

Instead of executing an entire photoshoot and production by themselves, they decided to source the imagery needed through Cherrydeck Branded Stock. Surely, a time and cost-effective solution to create visual content.

The process

First, Perifit sent us their brand guidelines containing the Do’s and Dont’s, brand aesthetic, and “the human touch” requirement for the assignment.

Following this step, Cherrydeck was in charge of finding the right photographers for the job among a pool of applicants in Europe. After the proper shortlisting, three candidates were selected for the creative job.

Consequently, Perifit shipped their products to the respective addresses, and Cherrydeck’s photographers got to work! The next step for the self-care brand? Briefly waiting for the results.

The results

Shortly after, Perifit received a library of custom visual content with more than 450 images and 28 videos. Accordingly, the imagery featured models from different generations with their products giving an authentic and relatable feeling as the brand desired.

Then, the brand was able to pick their favorite media assets and only pay for this selection!

Ultimately, both selected and non-selected photographs remain stored in the brand’s private content marketplace accessible for further purchases.

Check out what Perifit is saying about working with Cherrydeck, here!

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Pictures by Aina Estruch, Kate Phellini, and Moheli Hamidioliva.

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