Just in time for World Tattoo Day, Duolingo has launched the #TattooDuoOver campaign targeted at those with foreign-language tattoos gone wrong!

We’ve seen them in celebrities and we see them on multiple people during the summer. Mistranslated and misspelled tattoos are sadly very common.

In an unsurprisingly creative and smart approach for the language-learning app, Duolingo launched a campaign aimed at those who decided to get a tattoo in a language they’re not familiar with.

Does your tattoo really mean ‘Courage’ or ‘Toilet Demon’? Don’t worry, there is hope for those innocent souls who thought they were getting the right word!

Made in collaboration with BETC Paris, the brand released a short film for the #TattooDuoOver campaign. In essence, the ad jokingly demonstrates just how easy it is to become the latest victim of a wrongful translation.

The ad certainly reflects the playful approach Duolingo takes to encourage people to learn new languages. This was also reflected in their take on Emily in Paris, telling people it is more fun to live in Paris when you actually speak the language.

“People make mistakes and Duolingo is here to help.”

To participate, users must submit a photo on social media (Twitter and Instagram) with the hashtag #TattooDuoOver. For the next two weeks, Duolingo will translate all the submissions to check if people’s tattoos really say what the owners were going for.

For those who want to remain on the low, there is also an email available for participation.

The unlucky tattoo victims – but rather lucky winners – will get chance to travel to Paris and get their tattoo makeover with the word they really wanted.

Moreover, as Duolingo is all about learning, anyone who sends in a photo will get a free Duolingo Plus trial to avoid future mistakes.

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